Hello, it seems that something is missing from the lectures. Currently, I am in Primitive data types, Java Syntax, Level 2, Lesson 2. It does not seem to explain the usage of new neither that, cat.owner.name = "God"; Please explain the above and the following code. - Thanks in advance! Java code Description String s; String s = null; Equivalent statements. Person person; person = new Person(); person = null; We create a person variable whose value is null. We assign to it the address of a newly created Person object. We assign null to the variable. Cat cat = new Cat(); cat.owner = new Person(); cat.owner.name = "God"; We create a Cat object and store its address in variable cat; cat.owner equals null. We set cat.owner equal to the address of a newly created Person object. cat.owner.name still equals null. We set cat.owner.name equal to "God"