Hi. I've just re-subscribed after a couple of months break and realised why I had quit it in the first place. So, my current level is 20. A week back I thought I will subscribe again to learn something and immediately hit the wall with first tasks. I cannot imagine anyone, except for professionals, to read the task description and understand what has to be done. The first thing I do, after reading vague description is looking for help not to do the task but to understand it. And I don't consider myself stupid. Then I see people solving it in ways I couldn't imagine are demanded by the task. Do you guys have the same, that almost every task at 18+ level you have to look up in the help section? There is this helpful guy in almost every task answering almost EVERY question. It's great that CodeGym has deployed him to help people. I mean, nobody believes he's not a part of the team. But there is something inherently wrong with task descriptions. Tell me what you guy think.