So, I'm a graduate of CodeGym and I wanted to share a project I began with the community here. It's kind of different, but perhaps useful to someone. It's been bugging me for a while that there aren't many good resources for learning computer science by listening to audio. Obviously, there is a pretty big reason why many materials are not: you need to see the code, or you need hands-on practice. But for certain things, especially theory and general concepts, I think there is room for audio to be helpful. You can't always sit at your computer and code all day, or even reading a book isn't always possible. But with audio, you can listen while walking, riding the bus, doing the dishes, etc. It doesn't crowd out learning from any other source, since it allows you to learn new concepts while you are busy doing other mindless tasks. I've been frustrated with web programming in Java, but I think it is mostly because I have a superficial understanding of computer networks. So, as an experiment, I found an open-source networking textbook and did my own narration of parts of it. I've been working on becoming a VO artist/narrator for a little while now, so the quality is half decent. I have 2 parts so far and I also made a podcast to make them downloadable. I used the book's text to make the subtitles, so if you are someone who would want to hear it being read but also read it at the same time, the subtitles should completely accurate. The topic is computer networks, which is pretty important to know if you are getting into web development. Often the difficulties you have with learning the code, especially with HTTP requests, promises, etc, can often be due to not really understanding how computer networks work under the hood. I hope this may be of help to someone. I honestly have no idea if this is kind of thing is helpful to anyone, so it would mean a lot if you could check it out and share your opinion, even if it is negative, though I'd prefer negative opinions to at least be specific enough to be useful if you know what I mean. (I'm not the author, just the narrator. I have the authors' blessing, but not necessarily their endorsement) (I also make no money from this) Computer Networks Youtube Playlist Computer Networks Podcast Thanks, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.