Hello, I'm have got the exercise to get request from SQL db, and output it on the console. Now I'm getting the response from db and put it in the ArrayList Then I run it in such case
for (ProjektExecutrs item : dbEngage.getList()) {
			System.out.println(item.getProject() + " : " + item.getExecuter());
my output look soo :
Student project : Jon
Student project: Tom
Student  project : Pit
Accounting project : Jon
Accounting project  : Tim
Accounting project  : Jack
WWW  project : Jack
WWW project : Tim
WWW project : Tom
But I needed to render it in such manner
Student project
          1.  Jon
          2.  Tom
          3.  Pit
Accounting project
           1. Jon
           2. Tim
           3. Jack
WWW  project
           1. Jack
           2. Tim
           3. Tom
How correctly to implement it?