Hello Codegym Learners, See some links below for programming videos on Youtube that I have enjoyed: Learning to Program This is a great video for beginners on knowing what to expect. Most beginners have the completely wrong idea what programming is. I recommend that new learners watch it a level 1. Then again at level 5 because you won't understand it at level 1. Then again at level 10 because you didnt understand it at level 5. Then again at level 15 because you won't understand it at level 10. Then again at level 20. Maybe a few more times thereafter if you still don't understand that programming is about failing over and over again. Recap of video: - Learning to program is not easy. Almost everyone, regardless of intelligence, struggles their first time learning. - The programming language you start with matters very little - get used to problem solving, and I mean problem solving why your code doesn't solve the problem you want it to - programming languages are very easy, learning to think in algorithms is what the real skill you need to learn Learn Java in 14 Minutes Here is a good video to watch after a few levels, maybe level 5, that explain simply some of the concepts to get you going. Sorting Algorithms Explained Sorting Algorithms pt2 These two videos explain how different sorting algorithms work, building towards the algorithm behind "radix sort". They don't use code but explain with pictures and graphics. I recommend that you watch this when you are mostly through with the Core quest (level 16 or higher). These have some really GREAT info on thinking algorithmically. Dynamic Programming This is a 5 hour video, but it single handedly made me a better programmer. It is not an easy video to understand for beginners, I wouldn't recommend watching it until you are level 30. If you watch it before that then I recommend you re-watch it when you are level 30. Harvard's Introduction to Computer Science Here is the playlist containing all of the 2021 lectures for Harvard's CS50 course. This is a great course for new learners and doesn't require previous programming experience. It is a general course and goes over a TON of programming concepts such as algorithms, memory, data structures, cyber security, etc. Just for fun: The Art of Code This is about different designer languages that are designed more for fun than for function. I like to find new videos each week to learn new things about programming. There are some really good ones out there (and some bad ones too). You don't need to necessarily stick with Java specific videos, not if you are interested in learning to program. Please comment if you have any good videos to share. - Lupe