This platform works very well for learners at the AP level. Specifically the first module, with all the practice there, the incorporation of IntelliJ which is excellent (you learn to use the tool at the same time you are learning the Java language), and the amount of practice and iteration of concepts work very well. In my opinion this is a discipline where teachers (like me) can talk all day, show videos etc. but what really makes the learnig stick is the practice. That is the CodeGym philosophy also. Because this platform takes you far beyond the AP, to a place where you could be hired as a professional junior developer at a company, it can seem like there is a lot of work, to people who want to finish the entire platform. That's a good thing! Just keep your goals under control, and be sure to give yourself credit for major achievements, like finishing individual levels and finishing modules. They are a big deal. If you are looking to use this for AP Java you will find that the first module plus the first few modules of the second module, and maybe building a couple of the games, prepares you well for the AP and for the Oracle 811 cert, in my opinion. Also, in my personal opinion, the content/lessons are quite helpful. I think it is good to use several sources for study. The content here should be one of those for sure! Like everyone else I think a small notebook/journal will help you as you move through the lessons, particularly in understanding terms. Try to write your own definitions of the concepts and keywords in your notebook, this will help you internalize them. Java has so much terminology to learn. Keywords like "static" and "this" really take time in my opinion. Final thought: as much as you want to climb this mountain as quickly as possible, don't do too much at once. A few exercises a day is fine, with careful notes on what the code does and how you could change or use it. Each exercise is a lesson in and of itself. Great platform!