I have never liked using Stack Overflow and you never really know what you're going to find Googling for something these days. A year or so ago I found that using Discord was much better. I would just ask a question in the Java channel on Discord and someone was always nice enough to answer. Most of the time. Sometimes, no one would know the answer for sure, and once or twice I was given a bad answer. But mostly, it was very good. This was my go-to for Java help. Until now. Enter ChatGPT. Now I can get my answer without having to bother anyone. The answer is accurate, efficient, and I get it in about 10 seconds. It provides example code showing how to do what I want to do and explains each part of the process so that I can actually understand what it is doing. You can even ask it more abstract programming questions, like explaining what your project is and asking what kind of programming pattern would be a good approach. You can ask it things like "what's a good library for being able to read Excel files in Java?" Remember that programming is not about memorizing every class and method in Java. Nobody does that. A good programmer is one who knows how to find answers to things he or she doesn't remember or has never known, and then upon finding the answers can reason how to implement them into the existing project. I think ChatGPT and other AI tools like it will revolutionize this aspect of programming.