An important note to all CodeGym members who haven't installed IntelliJ IDEA and the CodeGymIdeaPlugin.jar file. The newest version of IntelliJ IDEA is NOT compatible with the current jar file and when you install the plugin manually, IJ IDEA will throw a "fatal error". The result is, you cannot proceed to solve tasks. The lecture "Installing IntelliJ IDEA" inside the New Java Syntax course currently says: "Choose whichever version of IntelliJ IDEA you want on the" target="_blank">official IntelliJ IDEA webpage." But, if you choose the 2023 version, then the plugin is NOT compatible and your IDE will throw a fatal error when the plugin is enabled. Then, you'll be forced to uninstall the IntelliJ IDEA, revert all your settings to default and start the whole process all over again using a *older (non-2023) version of IntelliJ IDEA, just to get to the point where you can use the plugin and proceed to solve tasks using IntelliJ IDEA with the .jar file plugin.