Hi, are there any older people here who decided to learn programming and change their current industry? My age is 36. Not much, but not little either. Like everyone else, I have some concerns, due to work and family, I have less time to study, although it's going slowly. I am not able to learn as much in a year as other people with fewer family responsibilities, but I think it can be done in a longer time. What is your attitude, what level are you at, when have you been learning, what are your fears, what motivates you to change the industry? Or maybe you have some examples among your friends who started later? I finished technical studies, but my life was going in a different direction. However, I have always been close to things that required rigorous thinking and analysis, so I hope that I have a chance to learn faster. I definitely need to learn English, but here I also think that a year or two will allow me to be communicative enough to talk to other programmers and be able to explain what I meant when I programmed something. : )