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Here they are: meet the exciting new CodeGym Quests!

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Greetings, friends! You’ve waited for this event for so long. You asked us “When will it happen??” again and again. Here they are: meet the exciting new CodeGym Quests! - 1The answer is: today is the day we are happy to present you with a new… no, two brand new CodeGym Quests at once! That means you will get 323 new fascinating lectures and 565 coding tasks of diverse complexity. You may go through Java Multithreading and Java Collection Quests in any order after having your Java Syntax and Java Core Quests completed. Once you pass the new quests, you’ll be very close to being a Java pro!

New mega feature: big tasks!

Meet a new CodeGym feature that helps you improve your skills of working with bigger projects. Both Java Multithreading and Java Collection Quests contain special type of coding problems. We called them “big tasks”. They are kind of mini projects divided into several “ordinary” tasks.Here they are: meet the exciting new CodeGym Quests! - 2 When you solve all parts of big tasks you will get cool programs of your own, such as a restaurant emulator, an ATM, job aggregator and a few simple games.

Java Multithreading topics:

  • Internal Structure of Object: equals, hashCode, clone, wait, notify, toString()
  • All about String: mutable, immutable, format, StringTokenizer, StringBuilder, StringBuffer
  • Internal classes, examples: Map.Entry
  • Internal classes, implementation features
  • Threads: start, interrupt, sleep, yield
  • Shared access to exclusive data: synchronized, volatile
  • DeadLock. Wait, notify, notifyAll
  • ThreadGroup, ThreadLocal, Executor, ExecutorService, Callable. Experience with Jsoup
  • Autoboxing, implementation features
  • Operators: numeric, logical and binary. Swing Experience
Here they are: meet the exciting new CodeGym Quests! - 3

Java Collection topics:

  • Work with files and archives
  • RMI and dynamic proxy. Swing Experience
  • Json JavaScript Experience with Guava, Apache Commons Collections, JUnit
  • Recursion Garbage collection and link types in Java. Logging
  • Version Control Systems: Git and SVN. Generics
  • Basic patterns for creating web applications. In-depth study of collections
  • Design patterns. Utility classes Arrays. Collections
  • Development Methodologies. Annotations in Java. Exception hierarchy
  • My first web application. Work with Tomcat and Idea
  • URI, URL. REST services. Create your client server application.
Sounds interesting, eh? Do not hesitate, try new Quests if you've already completed Java Syntax and Java Core. In case you haven't, complete them as soon as possible. Big tasks and big achievements of Java Multithreading and Java Collection are waiting for you! Java Syntax + Java Core + Java Multithreading + Java Collection == I know Java A little spoiler: big tasks are really exciting Yours, CodeGym Team.
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Level 0 , China
11 January 2023, 05:28
14 April 2020, 13:34
I want to help
28 February 2020, 13:55
I'm happy and scared in the same time :D
Level 1 , Rockville, United States
13 May 2019, 22:25
Level 11 , Cape Town, South Africa
10 May 2019, 15:31
Thats awesome, I cant wait!! Thanks
Komal Singh Lodhi
Level 1 , Bhopal, India
10 May 2019, 14:36
Thank you so much
Level 3 , Visakhapatnam, India
6 May 2019, 11:41
Thank you
Level 2 , Mumbai, India
6 May 2019, 09:37
elaborate work
Level 18 , Thessaloniki, Greece
5 May 2019, 11:54
Perfect! :)
Level 16 , Bucharest, Romania
2 May 2019, 13:24