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CodeGym update: new plugin release

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Greetings from the CodeGym team! Today we’ve released an update to our plugin.
CodeGym update: new plugin release - 1

What does it mean?

If you don’t have any issues with the plugin in your current version of IDE, that’s great: keep on learning! But if you’re facing some difficulties and your plugin doesn’t update automatically in your installed version of IntelliJ IDEA, then we advise you to do the following:
  1. Go to your Profile page and open the “Downloads” section.
  2. Download the IntelliJ IDEA plugin manually and install it in your IDE.
You can read the detailed instructions here. And of course, you can always contact our support team to help you with any issues.
Comments (5)
Jose Level 3, Valencia
20 October 2020
Hello, I have a problem with MacOS Catalina + IntelliJ Idea 2020.03. The plugin downloaded is not compatible. Other person with the same error?
Dennis Level 8, Chaska, United States
31 August 2020
I'm getting the same error as you are Pawel... downloading the updated plug-in and re-installing it into IDE doesn't fix the issue.
Paweł Korzenecki Level 6, Reda, Poland
24 August 2020
Plugin isn't working with my Intelij. There apear window with "The plugin will no longer be able to work with the server. Update the plugin now?" After clicking Yes, it still not working :(
dnlklnhfr Level 30, Karlsruhe, Germany
5 August 2020
Is there a chance to get the "scroll with mousewheel"-feature in the Conditions.tcs files back? With Plugin v3.38 / v3.39 in IntelliJ 2020.1.4 this worked like a charme. Now in IntelliJ 2020.2 / plugin v3.39 this doesn't work anymore and on top the scrollbar hides behind the contentbox, when resizing the window in split-window-view.