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80 lvl Programmer. How to Become a Pro Coder With CodeGym

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Knowing how to code is a skill that is consistently gaining in importance in today’s world. Professional coders are in huge demand, which keeps growing globally. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the number of software developer jobs in the U.S. alone will increase by 21% between 2018 and 2028. Great demand together with an insufficient number of well-qualified coders is what makes programming such an attractive profession right now. 80 lvl Programmer. How to Become a Pro Coder With CodeGym - 1But even for those of you who are not planning to become a professional software developer, coding would still be among the most valuable secondary skills, especially when talking about technical fields. Nowadays many experts recommend starting to teach kids how to code when they are as young as 4-5 years old. But if learning programming was easy, there would be no such shortage of programmers in the world, and coders wouldn’t be paid as much for their work as they are now.

The Key to master coding skills

What is the most important thing that you need in order to master coding quick enough and without spending unreasonably high amounts of time and energy? At CodeGym, we strongly believe that the secret of learning how to get good at coding is practice, as simple and as banal as it may seem. Practice is also something that most programming courses, both online and offline, tend to lack, prioritizing theoretical knowledge as the main component. And don’t get us wrong, knowing theory is extremely important, but focusing on studying theoretical knowledge first, before proceeding with practical tasks and projects, for most people just doesn’t work. Thousands of wannabe programmers spend days, weeks, and months trying to build a theoretical foundation just to realize they forgot most of it later when finally getting to do real work. At CodeGym, we believe that coding is a skill. Or even a craft if you will. And practice is the key to master this craft, nothing else. Let’s see how to get into programming!

What makes CodeGym such an effective course to learn Java?

CodeGym is perfect for learning how to get better at coding in the most effective way possible — through practice, lots of it. Starting from the very first CodeGym lesson, you will slowly learn the basics of Java, having lots of diverse tasks (puzzles) designed to help you support theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical skills. Unlike countless other programming courses you can find on the Internet, CodeGym was originally designed having this practice-first approach in mind, and this is our major strength when compared to other courses, both online and offline. This is something to keep in mind when considering learning Java with CodeGym versus taking a traditional offline course, for example. The approach to studying is always an essential key to success. In programming, as well as in life in general. Here’s what makes our approach work better than traditional courses, helping you to learn Java faster, and, in many cases, allowing students to get a coding job before even finishing the whole course.
  • A whopping number of tasks.
CodeGym has over 1200 programming tasks in the course. When talking about the practice-first approach, we really mean it. Solving these tasks allows you to obtain very real practical skills in Java programming that will totally help you to get a real job (and be good at it as well).
  • Diverse and challenging tasks.
Despite the fact that CodeGym has more than 1200 tasks, they are very diverse and different from each other, so your brain doesn’t get tired or bored solving them. The difficulty of these tasks varies a lot as well: you will start with writing and rewriting simple lines of code, fixing basic mistakes in the code, and will slowly get to writing your own code while developing your own programs and applications.
  • Tasks to support new theoretical knowledge.
Every piece of theoretical knowledge that you read when going through the course and getting on higher levels is supported by a number of tasks, designed to help you learn this specific knowledge while also being able to apply it in real work.
  • Tasks to teach you how to find solutions on your own.
Some tasks are also designed to challenge you, requiring the student to obtain the theoretical knowledge that was not yet presented in the course. The purpose of these challenging tasks is to teach you how to search and find solutions on your own, even if you were not presented with enough information to find the solution without using Google. This skill is essential to have when you will get an actual programming job requiring you to find solutions and deliver results without anyone’s helping hand.
  • Tips and help with tasks.
Despite the focus on teaching students how to find solutions autonomously, you won’t be left on your own facing a particularly difficult or challenging task. Automated tips will help you to find the right decision without being stuck on it for a long time.
  • Automated task solutions review.
Another great thing about CodeGym platform is the fact that task solutions are being checked automatically, allowing students to review the results in a matter of seconds after submitting a solution. You don’t have to wait to try different approaches to the same problem, eventually finding the best way to solve the task.

How to become a programmer? Just code

Is there a better way to learn Java quickly in a fun and entertaining manner than CodeGym? Well, if you will find one, make sure to let us know. No matter which course you end up taking to learn Java, remember one thing: the only way to become a successful programmer is regular and consistent practise. And this is something no one can do for you. Good luck and may the Force be with you. Oh, wait a minute! Totally forgot to tell you about the benefits of our Premium Pro subscription. And this is something we just cannot keep quiet about. Having a Premium Pro account provides you with several perks, which could juice up your learning process even more. First, it allows you to solve the same task multiple times, trying different solutions and alternative approaches. Second, Premium Pro students get access to the analysis of their coding style feature. It’s a pretty important one because coding style and the quality of your code is one of the major factors to be considered when you are applying for a job as a programmer. Do you know what is ultimately the best thing about CodeGym’s approach to teaching programming skills? All you need is to actually start and keep on studying, regularly and consistently. We will take care of everything else. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now, check out the course, and start learning. The results will not be long in coming, we guarantee you that!80 lvl Programmer. How to Become a Pro Coder With CodeGym - 2
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Agent Smith Level 38
4 August 2020
The other thing I would strongly recommend is Khan Academy, which is 100% free. They are mostly focused on practice too, but there you can improve your math skills (from lowest possible level up to college level), programming skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL) and general computer science stuff. Khan Academy + Codegym + appropriate books = will give you good results if you work hard.
Brad Reed Level 19, Hartford, United States
3 August 2020
Just saw this post on FB earlier, good to see you guys getting more vocal on the socials too!!