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Hello All, I have just found out this awesome platform to learn Java and it is going great so far. I was wondering how many hours/day should I spend normally on CodeGym to complete this course in one month, provided, I have already studied OOP in C++? Is it possible to complete it in one month or not? If no, then how much time at max is needed? Waiting for awesome people to help! :)
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11 September 2018
Hello Sameen, I would suggest "Slow and Steady wins the race". Practice one hour a day so that the excitement to revisit this course sticks to you till you reach your goal. In addition to clearing the tasks across the levels, take time, try to write some code snippets on your own to enhance your understanding of the concepts explained. Since you have mentioned that have studied C++, learning JAVA should be a piece of cake. All the best to you!
John Squirrels Level 41, San Francisco, Poland
8 August 2018
Hello! Thanks a lot! We are very glad you like our service :) If we are talking about the completion of the course within a month, you should be ready training 18 hours per day :) Passes of the first quest will take you 20 - 30 days. Passes all of the course will take you 6 - 8 months. All of the course means the 4 basics quests - Java Syntax, Java Core, Java Multithreading, Java Collections. Last of two quests are in development now.