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CodeGym team news: advanced menu and new achievements for your studying

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Hi everyone! CodeGym team is back with a few updates that we believe will make your learning experience even more pleasant.

Advanced menu

CodeGym is a place where you can both learn programming and communicate with other students from all over the world. So we decided to separate these jobs to be done here and divided the features into three major blocks:
  1. My account — This is an advanced section with your personal settings, and it has plenty of options for you to personalize your learning at CodeGym. Here’s a list of the most important subsections:
    • Settings — subsection where you can add data about yourself, your current position, and company, choose a preferred item for studying, social networks for sharing, and turn on/off notifications about different kinds of events during your studies;
    • Support — your shortcut to our friendly and helpful support team :)
    • Bookmarks — here you can find all posts which you’ve bookmarked;
    • Rating — rating of all CodeGym students based on their activity and success in learning. Try to challenge others!
  2. Learning — the section with everything you need for mastering Java programming: the Course, Tasks, coding Games, Help section, and of course, “Butt-kicking schedule” (if you have our Android app installed, you can turn on push notifications and adjust your own learning schedule here);
  3. Community — if you want to get inspired and read a few useful articles about learning and programming career, new tech trends, success stories of our students, or discuss any programming-related questions with other CodeGym users, you’re welcome.

New achievements

If you’re into challenges and exceeding your own limits, this news is for you. We’ve added dozens of new achievements, like 5, 10, 25, and 100 days of coding (try not to skip a day!), achievement for solving a certain number of tasks in a row, for solving all tasks on a level, etc. Being a self-paced student learning Java ain’t easy, but we’re here to boost your motivation! Stay tuned for further updates. Your CodeGym team
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Ts Doukhansiam
Level 2 , Bangalore, India
6 November 2022, 20:09
hello guys i want monthly offer price for premium how can i achieve
Level 41 , San Jose, Sweden
16 June 2021, 05:09
awesome! we got new achievements!
Level 41
15 June 2021, 14:34
Maybe you get a chance to change the bookmarks section so we have the possibility to actively search through them (like filters or something like that).. it would be super helpful!