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Hot Programming, Tech, and Career Predictions for 2022 that can Help You Stay Head and Shoulder Above other Java Specialists

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According to the world-famous American writer and software engineer Robert L. Glass, "The best programmers are up to 28 times better than the worst programmers". However, great coders are rare. If you’d like to be the best of the best, you should learn like a pro and keep up with the newest trends. So, let’s dive into the top predictions that cover everything from Java development and career expectations to hot technologies in general. Who knows, if you learn well and get forearmed with the freshest Java news, perhaps, you will get a very tempting job offering in the upcoming year! Hot Programming, Tech, and Career Predictions for 2022 that can Help You Stay Head and Shoulder Above other Java Specialists - 1

Essential Soft Skills for Java Programmers in 2022

Of course, with the easy accessibility to online courses like CodeGym, you can learn any programming language and continue to sharpen your mind without a need to go to school or university. Yet, the most interesting things happen after completing any of the courses. What do you need to cultivate in yourself?
  1. Good motivation and strong problem-solving skills. You should be aware that programming can sometimes be stressful due to tight deadlines. There will be some situations when you can't seem to get your code working. A lousy programmer just freezes up, but a great programmer keeps on working and finding a solution.

  2. Good communication skills are also essential since they are directly related to good development skills. A true professional can ask the right questions to propose solutions for problems in a coherent manner quickly. Plus, any great programmer cares about the product's success or the project they are working on.

  3. Yet, the most crucial thing is the willingness to learn new technologies and the ability to self-learn on a daily basis. The best programmers are usually fantastic self-learners since they constantly teach themselves new technologies and often do that out of personal interest outside of their projects. So, if you'd like to become a prominent programmer, keep going after you've learned the basics of coding and the essential frameworks. Anyway, what you have learned can quickly become obsolete as technology never stops changing. Try to update your skills accordingly to stay up to date.

Updates in Java Industry: Tech and Career Predictions

Since Java updates every six months, more and more tools appear every year. The whole six-month release cycle is a fantastic move for Java to keep it fresh and up-to-date. From this, we can say that the habit of following trends is important even while you're still learning. Below, we will talk about what to expect from Java 2022 to keep up with the times and the freshest technologies.

Java Upgrades: Due in 2022

Last year, Java celebrated 25 years of existence. What kept Java so vibrant and popular for all this time? It's a programming language for getting things done, and the real power of Java is the JVM and its rich ecosystem. The other aspect that makes Java so popular is the fast-growing Java community. It is lively and active, with millions of Java developers trying to help each other and to get the job done. Another unique thing about Java is that it offers OpenJDK and JCP, meaning you can get the stewardship side of stuff. What are the things that will keep Java relevant for the next year or decade? We bet there will be more focus on the small things. By this, we mean that we will use Java not only for serious software but also for simpler one (exactly where most programmers start). We've already noticed changes in the space like JShell (Java source file launcher that enables you to directly run a single source file without separately compiling it). Probably, in 2022, we'll see more. What we know for sure is that different user groups, libraries, and frameworks will grow and continue to make Java relevant and attractive. Bonus News for Gamers — Java's most popular game, Minecraft, will be updated in 2022 too. The Wild Update, the name of this new addition, will include the Deep Dark Biome. The new mangrove biome will add mud blocks, which you'll be able to turn into mud bricks. The other novelty is that Minecraft's various PC offerings will be brought together as part of one PC launcher, allowing you to download Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions from one place.

Tougher Requirements for Java Devs

In 2022, a lot of new jobs that require programming languages are expected to open up. From 2016 to 2022, the number of "programming" jobs has increased by 26% since more and more businesses turn to automation. Hence, the increasing demand for Java developers who can create software systems and support them. As for requirements for Java devs, there is a prediction that programmers without TDD (test-driven development) will be less employable and, eventually, unemployable at all. If you can't do TDD, you won't be able to do BDD (behavior-driven development). And the trick is that there is more to BDD than to TDD. Therefore, you should be ready not only to write Java codes but also to write unit tests in Java. The good news is that unit testing will be highly automated and, we believe, the software will be better in general (more maintainable and with fewer bugs). The result? Programmers' productivity will get higher, and if you write fewer codes, you'll have fewer bugs to fix and less time to waste. A double benefit for both programmers and businesses. As TDD is an easily testable skill, it'll be easy for employers to tell who can really do it and who has just mentioned it in their CV to level the resume up.

Java Aside: 2022 General Trends and Opportunities

When it comes to the software world in general, customers will continue to look for innovation, and the businesses will be changing more rapidly than ever before. Therefore, in 2022, the competition for top industry talent will heat up, especially in the new Covid era, where many companies offer remote positions. We also predict that successful businesses will understand that they won't do everything in-house and will gravitate towards freelancers.

Top Software Careers

Speaking about top careers, "unpredictable" is the best word to explain everything during the pandemic. Yet, we think that the most in-demand tech jobs for 2022 will be the following: DevOps Engineers. This is an IT professional who looks after the whole development team while taking part in different operations, from coding and deployment to maintenance and updates. DevOps engineer works with software developers, system operators (SysOps), and other staff. The salaries of DevOps Engineers will continue to increase and will reach somewhere from $95,000 to $140,000. Good coding and scripting skills are a must for this position. Cloud Architects. With the wide use of cloud services, Cloud Architects will be exceptionally demanded in 2022. They typically manage the company's cloud strategy and support the cloud. Cloud Architects should necessarily have a strong understanding of networking, programming, and security skills. The average salary package will reach $200,000. AI Architects. In this role, you will need strong skills in Python programming language and Torch scientific computing framework to oversee all the AI initiatives. The average salaries of AI Architects are expected to go higher than $110,000. Software Engineers. Responsible for everything from designing to developing to installing software systems, they will stay on the rise in 2022. This job requires coding, designing, and building apps. And that's where you can apply your fantastic knowledge of Java, JavaScript, Python, or Ruby. The average salary is expected to be over $110,000. In addition to the said tech careers, Information security analysts, Blockchain Engineers, Data scientists, Programmer Analysts, Product Managers, Systems Analysts, and Network Administrators will also be highly popular.

Innovations to Gain Momentum in 2022

Software development is a very dynamic industry that is quickly evolving according to ever-changing technologies, consumer behaviors, and some other factors. And with a better understanding of the latest general software trends, you may be better prepared to turn your ideas into apps. AI. It's already estimated that by early 2022, chatbots will be included in approximately 70% of portals to solve basic issues and help users get the information quickly. AI technology is growing in an algebraic progression. By 2030, it's expected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy, representing 26% of world-worth GDP. In perspective, AI will be implemented in the hyper-personalization of digital experiences to increase efficiency and automation and improve customer relationships, cybersecurity solutions, and much more. With its help, you'll be able to solve a number of tasks, including creating virtual assistants to communicate with users. Serverless architecture. The world is going to go serverless! Businesses are likely to take advantage of cloud-native architecture-based technologies like Firebolt, Snowflake, and BigQuery. The use of such tools will ensure that there will be no overload, which will minimize the chances of data loss or disabling the project. CNPs. The sky is the limit when it comes to Cloud-Native Platforms as they deliver digital capabilities whenever and wherever ensuring faster time to value and reduced costs. Many experts predict that cloud-native platforms will become the foundation for more than 50% of new digital initiatives in 2022 and for more than 95% by 2025 (vs 40% in 2021). Besides the aforementioned trends, there are some other top software technologies that seem to take the world by surprise.


As you see, software development is influenced by many technologies. With a better understanding of the latest trends, you'll be able to keep abreast of new products and development flows. The main thing is to start advancing your coding skills right now to meet 2022 fully armed. CodeGym will help you with that, of course! Hot Programming, Tech, and Career Predictions for 2022 that can Help You Stay Head and Shoulder Above other Java Specialists - 2
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