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Why Do People Love Coding? Explaining The Passion for Profession

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Programming exploded in popularity during the last decade. And a lot of that hype appeared from the prospect of landing a high-paying job. But, in reality, there are so many other advantages of coding. And truth to be told, there is a lot to love about it. Many experienced developers say that a passion for the profession has really helped them become real pros in what they are doing. Estimated success won't rise beyond the "low" or "average" bar without an interest in IT. But why like coding? Isn't it really hard? Isn't it kinda boring? Why Do People Love Coding? Explaining The Passion for Profession - 1Ahead, we're going to express our love for programming — we've narrowed it to the top 10 reasons among experienced coders & learners. Let's look at why so many people are stuck with coding and why they love it.

Reason #1. The joy of lifelong learning

When you're coding, you are always learning and challenging yourself due to the non-repeating nature of the tasks! While creating a program or app, you constantly expand your understanding of the problem and the solution, trying out new frameworks, solving tricky issues with new algorithms, and using a different methodology. All this results in stretching your mind and improving your patience, perseverance, and discipline. In brief, coding may obviously push you outside of your comfort zone, but in a good way!

Reason #2. Perfect balance between theory and practice

Most college graduates often have powerful knowledge but don't know how to apply it in real life. But the programming is different. Though everything here is abstract on the one hand, it is extremely practical on the other hand. You can put all those abstract theories into practice by creating an app or software that will change the world. Or develop a website that billions of people find useful. Michael Macaulay from Medium says: "The true beauty of programming is that you can have a "rubber meets the road" moment at your home computer," and we totally agree with him.

Reason #3. Training your mind

When you get stuck on some problem for too long, we bet you want to tear your hair out. However, problem-solving in Java can be relaxing if you code from a curious perspective. By looking through StackOverflow, GitHub, Quora, Coderanch, and other Java communities, you can solve just about any bug, memory leak, or whatever you think is impossible. By referring to multiple sources and collecting information, you're training your mind and get that satisfying feeling when you've finally put all the pieces together. Like a real Sherlock Holmes.

Reason #4. You become more detail-oriented and develop your analytical skills

When you focus on all those text characters in the code throughout the day, your brain starts to change positively. You gradually become more observant of minuscule details and minor changes. Also, programming boosts analytical thinking with every bit of problem you solve. Naturally, this brain transformation can positively impact your other day-to-day activities.

Reason #5. High demand and high salary

Undoubtedly, IT-related careers are currently on top, which doesn't seem to change anytime soon. So, if you learn Java, you are most likely to be employable and high-payable in the future. There is no denying that many programmers enter this field for money, and there is nothing wrong with that. The only thing to bear in mind is that technology will change faster in the next decade than ever before, so you should change with it or get left behind. Hello, Reason #1.

Reason #6. Working on exciting projects

As a programmer, you are going to work on exciting projects! One of the best parts of being a programmer is creating something that didn't exist before. And then you get control over an application, website, or whatever your creation! You can develop and maintain something very useful, which leads us to the next point…

Reason #7: Making a difference in peoples' lives

When you manage to build an app that can save humans' time and prevent them from doing tricky tasks, you make a small difference in people's lives. It's a minor impact, but parents have more time to spend with their kids or friends, work addicts have more time to think up new ideas, or have more time to relax. Furthermore, another Medium blogger, Jasmine Wo, managed to create "an app helping match children looking for an adoption family to families looking to adopt." As you see, a simple app can change one's whole life.

Reason #8. New opportunities

Jasmine Wo also said that coding can open up many opportunities for you. That's exactly what happened to her. As a computer science student, she traveled to different cities and countries to attend programs and conferences that would not be open to her if she didn't know how to code. In about 10 years, she taught herself Java, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML CSS, etc.

Reason #8. The beauty of remote work

Working from wherever and whenever you want is another thing to love about programming. Remote jobs have become extremely popular lately. There are quite a few jobs that can be done anywhere, and programming is among them. Moreover, you need just two things to program — a computer and an internet connection. With these two things, you can live anywhere in the world. Want to move to Norway and start ice fishing? Great! Feel like moving to Thailand to spend free time on the beach? No problem! The choice is entirely up to you.

Reason #9. Team effort

That just being said, remote work doesn't mean that you'll feel lonely and abandoned. Sure, there are some rigid employers, and some people prefer to interact with co-workers offline. But even if you choose remote work, more likely than not, there will be a whole team of people working on the same project, from managers and support teams to QA specialists and designers. Code will touche every person in the organization, making each other communicate in some way or another. Moreover, you can always become a part of a passionate online Java community where you'll find like-minded people who share their experiences and knowledge.

Reason #10. You can make it a reality!

"Unfortunately, I can't play an instrument, compose symphonies, sing beautifully, paint spectacular paintings or sculpt glorious sculptures. But, when I am behind my screen coding, I get this overwhelming feeling of doing some kind of magic," says Mika Väisänen in her blog. Actually, that really feels like being a wizard. Unlike physics, where physical restraints are everything you are limited to, coding has no barriers. When creating your project, you don't need to think about the properties of the materials and the like. That's one of the most exciting things about coding. Do you remember that feeling of your first "Hello world" line showing up on the computer screen in front of you? Yes, that is the excitement you're getting with your every new "creation."


Programming is definitely one of the fastest-growing jobs in the 21st century. But, as you see, it's not only the well-paid profession that brings the understanding that your skillset won't become irrelevant in the next decade. It's also an occupation where almost everyone can find something for themselves. There are so many things to love about coding, both from a technical and philosophical perspective. You can sharpen your mind, rewire your brain, provide people with great software... the options and impact are nearly endless. Programming can really empower you to change the world. And the most ridiculous thing about it is that you can become a world-class Java developer alone in your room almost for free. So, are you still hesitating?