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We are launching an online course "Java Fundamentals" with mentors

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More than anyone else, we at CodeGym believe in the power of online learning. Great desire + goal + clear learning plan = future Java developer. Therefore, we have created a large-scale course stuffed with practice and concentrated theory. We made it possible to study from any device – PC or smartphone. We came up with a system of motivation and "kicks" to keep you going. We introduced features that enable communication between users from different countries, help them learn from each other and share their experiences. But one day, we thought: why not go a little further? This is how CodeGym University was born. Within the framework, we help students of all ages gain basic knowledge of programming in Java in three months. We are launching an online course "Java Fundamentals" with mentors  - 1When learning something new, there must be contact with another person who can explain what is not clear. Later, when a programmer's expertise grows, it is much easier for them to master new technologies independently. We are launching this course for those who want to learn basic Java programming. At CodeGym University, a student can ask a question that is unlikely to be answered on the Internet. The mentor tells you what to focus your attention on and how to study and share your experience. The Java Fundamentals course combines live learning with mentors and solving coding challenges.

How does the course work?

1. The main feature is "live" 2 hours classes with experienced teachers who are Java developers. Classes are held twice a week. Teachers help students study new theoretical topics, analyze the most difficult parts of the homework, and answer students' questions. 2. After each lesson, students receive homework. For example, read a certain number of lectures and solve several problems from the CodeGym course till the next online meeting. If the student completes these tasks, we can be sure that the material learned well :) If something remains unclear, there is always an option to ask a question or ask for help in the chat, where teachers and course curators assist students.

The program of the course

The course consists of 3 modules:

1. Java Syntax.

You’ll study commands, data types, get familiar with the IntelliJ IDEA development environment, loops and conditional operators, arrays and functions, objects, classes; also, you’ll try working with strings. Students will also get acquainted with OOP basics, lists and generics, collections, exceptions, I/O streams, and working with time and date.

2. Java Core.

Here you’ll dive deeper into OOP: encapsulation and polymorphism, composition, aggregation, and inheritance. Abstract classes. Stream API. Typecasting, constructor invocation, Object device. Recursion, threads, inner/nested classes. Serialization. Annotations. Sockets.

3. The final project.

You’ll create a sizeable full-fledged project within two weeks. Then, your mentors will verify it and give feedback. The project is called "Cryptanalyzer." While developing it, you will use all the knowledge you've gained during the course. It will be a complex and exciting challenge.

Let’s get started!

Recruitment to new groups is in full swing. Classes will start on April 26th. The dream of actually getting on and becoming a Java developer has never been more realistic. So we are waiting for you at CodeGym University!