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Mockplus iDoc Offer to Ease Your Cooperation

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People start learning Java for a variety of reasons, but in most cases, the goal is to get a high-paying job and start earning $100,000 per year. However, when you finally get your first job as a developer you will face another problem about which you didn't even think earlier - the problem of communication with other specialists. Even if you work as a freelancer. Mockplus iDoc Offer to Ease Your Cooperation - 1When you start working in a team you face the fact that you are not in a vacuum - you become a part of a system called “the process of creating a product”. Inside this system, you have to cooperate with completely different kinds of specialists from different niches - business, marketing, design, etc. All these areas are interrelated and can't exist without each other. Even if you create a perfect code, it worth nothing if it cannot be properly sold. And a great UX design will help product to become a number one on the market simply because your product is more convenient than others. Of course, there are a number of tools that help make this communication as comfortable as possible for all parties. One of these magiс tools is Mockplus iDoc - powerful product design collaboration tool for designers and developers by creating a connected online space for product teams. Designers can export their design from Sketch, Adobe, and Photoshop, and the tool will automatically prepare all the needed specification, assets and code snippets.

Main features

How Mockplus iDoc could make designer’s life easier:
  • Export designs in one click from Sketch, Adobe XD and Photoshop
  • Generate accurate specs, assets, code snippets automatically
  • Show design tasks and workflow in full-view storyboard
  • Comment right on designs to give instant feedback
  • Build hi-fi interactive prototypes with real design files
  • Support uploading various types of product documents and preview online
How Mockplus iDoc could make developer’s life easier:
  • You could easily access and review specs
Mockplus iDoc Offer to Ease Your Cooperation - 2
  • With Mockplus iDoc developers could automatically generate development resources and then download only selected or all assets
  • iDoc will generate tailored resources depending on the platform you're developing for
  • The tool will show you all the duplicated design elements
Mockplus iDoc Offer to Ease Your Cooperation - 3
  • Get ready-to-code snippets, so nothing gets lost in translation
More details you could find here. Sound interesting, yeah? You, as a developer, could see all the needed information about the product design - components, colors, text styles, style guide - all in one place. Also, you could comment right in the Mockplus iDoc and build your communication with the designer and other team. Mockplus iDoc Offer to Ease Your Cooperation - 4There is a special offer for CodeGym community from our friends from Mockplus - 3-months collaboration plan of Mockplus iDoc (Valued $147) for free. Register Link: Activation Link: Activation Code: random How to use it:
  1. Click the link and register an account

  2. Enter the Activation Code: random
    You can choose one of your teams to upgrade the account.

Mockplus iDoc Offer to Ease Your Cooperation - 5Do not hesitate to try it out with your team and have a smooth cooperation process.