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Help for path

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If we know java core whats the most excellent path to follow ? J2e / big data / mobile android ... or something else ? Thx in advance
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green Level 4, United States
12 January 2019
Honestly, the path is up to you. There is no "one size fits all" in terms of what the best career path is to follow. Here is some advice, do some research on the different fields. Research the required technologies you would need to have, look on linkedin at other professionals in that field, and determine what you are interested in doing. You should do a few practice problems on your own for whatever field you would like to get into. So for example if you wanted to do data analysis, then practice on some data sets that you can get for free online. Actually do the work you want to "professionally" do, so you can determine if you actually hate the work style. Maybe you dont wanna analyze data like you thought you did? Do research like that, weight pros and cons of each field and think for yourself. Keep in mind, if you can get an internship anywhere, then maybe stick with that field? Whatever kind of work you get will be more than enough, until you determine what you really want to do. Do mobile if you like developing mobile apps / maybe mobile games on your own. I mean, just do the research and know what YOU are interested in doing for many years of YOUR life.