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If I am a newbie in coding, will I benefit from CodeGym University?

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We are launching a new section, "Problem Question", in which we are going to answer questions about CodeGym University. In addition, CodeGym experts will debunk fears and doubts about the course and provide valuable advice. Today, we’re answering your questions regarding the student's level of knowledge.

If a person is a newbie in coding, is CodeGym University right for them?

If I am a newbie in coding, will I benefit from CodeGym University? - 1I believe newbies will definitely benefit from CodeGym University. Here, any student will be able to ask a question that is unlikely to be answered on the Internet. In addition, the mentor will suggest what to focus their attention on and how to study. When starting to learn something new, it’s important to be in contact with another person who can explain what is not clear. Later, when a programmer's expertise grows, it is much easier to master new technologies independently.

Is it possible to learn how to code in 1-2 months?

If I am a newbie in coding, will I benefit from CodeGym University? - 2Fast learning is one of the most popular myths about the IT industry. But, alas, such a quick entry is impossible in any profession which requires specific skills. Earlier, you had to study for 4-5 years at the university to get a job. Nevertheless, when it comes to the profession of a Java developer, you can master the necessary base and get your first job in one year. It's pretty fast. CodeGym University is three-months program that covers the basics of programming, including Java Core, and specific technologies, such as databases, that you will need to work. We have designed a program with an optimal load so that you can study but still have time for other activities. You have to spend at least 10 hours per week on training, depending on your level. Therefore, in courses that promise to teach programming in 3-6 months, you will need to study 2-3 times more because you will have to master the same knowledge much faster.

What technical equipment is necessary for studying?

Oleksiy Kapustnik, the mentor at CodeGym:

During their studies, students use the minimum set of technologies – a regular laptop with at least 4 GB of memory will be enough for them. This memory may not be enough when students work on more complicated and heavier projects. My laptop currently has 16 GB of RAM, and sometimes it’s not enough. But while you're learning, 4 GB is plenty.

Is the level of students the same in CodeGym University groups?

Oleksiy Kapustnik, the mentor at CodeGym:

The student's level is different, although we start teaching from the very basics of programming. Some have never coded, and some know other programming languages. You don't need to get upset if there are people with different background in your group. The main point here is not to look at others because everyone has their own pace and knowledge base. You must take care of yourself and compare your current achievements with yourself in the past, and not with other people. You need to study the material, ask more questions, and consult with a mentor. By the way, competing with stronger students can motivate some people. Therefore, combining students with different background in groups is one of the teaching methods.

What level of English is required to study at CodeGym University?

Oleksiy Kapustnik, the mentor at CodeGym:

The beginner level (A1) is enough to get started so that the student can understand the keywords and be able to name variables. If you know how to translate "Hello, World!", this is enough for the first time. But still, do not relax, you will have to learn English anyway, especially if you want to work for a foreign company.

Does it make sense to learn to code if you are over 40?

If I am a newbie in coding, will I benefit from CodeGym University? - 3Even if you are over 50, it makes sense to learn to code. If a person is afraid of ageism in their country and worries that it may be challenging to find a job, then, thanks to the pandemic, the geography of the labor market has expanded. Borders are blurred, and companies hire people from different countries. You will be appreciated as a developer if you respond to changes willingly. Skills become obsolete quickly, and specialists must constantly learn to stay on the wave. It is often easier for young people to adapt to a rapidly changing environment, but this does not mean that developers 45+ will not be able to do this. However, you may need to put in more effort. For an employer, it’s important to find out whether a person is ready to learn, how many projects they have written, or whether they were a freelancer. Of course, getting into a complex project right away will not be possible, but with time the situation will change. Leave your questions about CodeGym University in the comments, and we will answer them in the next articles. If I am a newbie in coding, will I benefit from CodeGym University? - 4