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The Most Popular Influencers in Java to Follow

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With more than 25 years of existence, Java is still at its peak and remains one of the most widely-used programming languages for app development. No wonder, it’s also one of the most popular languages in media. So, if you’re going to enhance your Java knowledge and keep up with the latest Java updates, we have narrowed down your options to the best resources you can find on the Net — from Youtube channels and Twitter accounts to interesting blogs and more. The Most Popular Influencers in Java to Follow - 1

Top YouTube Channels

Let’s start with the largest video platform that can boast of more than 2.6 billion users all across the world. And, what is great, YouTube is the platform where you can soak the knowledge for free.

As the name suggests, Freecodecamp is a non-profit organization that offers free video courses on the major programming languages, including Java. The channel has currently 5.83M followers, which speaks a lot about the quality of the content.

Derek Banas

With over 1 million subscribers, it’s one of the best Youtube channels for beginners. It’s full of tutorials on the basics of Java as well as the latest technologies like machine learning.


Boasting more than 100 thousand of followers, Java is an all-around Oracle’s YouTube channel where you can find nearly everything — all kinds of Java tutorials, Java’s new features, reports from various events, interviews with Java gurus, etc. For your convenience, the channel offers different playlists on Java SE, Java SE 8, Java Embedded Raspberry Pi, Java FX, and other concepts.

Adam Bien

It’s one more channel that includes plenty of easy-understandable tutorials backed with lots of insights and useful tips. The channel is mostly focused on JavaFX and Java EE. Adam Bien, the creator, has Q&A sections to answer programming questions from his followers. By the way, you can also find Adam Bien on Twitter @AdamBien where he shares his experience through articles and podcasts.

Programming with Mosh

One more mainstream YouTube channel for novices is Programming with Mosh. Full of tutorials on Java, the channel is highly praised for its well-structured lessons. It’s a great place where you can strengthen your knowledge of basic Java concepts.

The New Boston

When you are eager to up the ante and go for something more comprehensive, you may be interested in the New Boston Youtube channel that is made of different playlists including Intermediate Java tutorials. Here, you can also find videos showing how to develop real games using the Java programming language. Subscribers? More than 2.6 million.

Spring Developer

Those who would like to boost their knowledge about Spring should definitely consider this Youtube channel. It offers video tutorials on Spring, webinars, lessons, conferences with Spring experts, and many more.

Java Techie

Though this channel has less than 100K of subscribers, it may be really interesting for those who are about to start working as a Java developer. It will help you to learn more about how to add authentication and authorization, set up a CI/CD pipeline to automate deployment or create a cloud environment for deployment. In brief, it’s the channel that teaches everything that a Java dev in an organization should know.

Cave of Programming

It’s another YouTube channel full of Java Tutorials that definitely deserves its place on our shortlist. It has an abundance of tutorials on Java 8, Java 11, Java FX, Servelets and JSP, Java Swings, Java Collections Framework, etc.


If you’re interested in the latest technologies, this channel is a must for you. It tells about AI, BlockChain, Cyber Security, Big Data, and many other exciting things. Plus, it includes Java tutorials for beginners, as well as Advance Java, JDBC, Patterns in Java, Java EE, and Java Real-time projects.

Top Twitter Users

Don’t underestimate the power of Twitter though. Here, you can also find many Java gurus to follow. Among the most interesting ones, we can highlight...

Gail Anderson

He is one of the founding members of the Anderson Software Group, who creates course materials for learning Java. Additionally, he is responsible for leading tech sessions at well-known programming conferences like CodeOne, Devoxx, and NetBeans Day. Twitter: @gail_asgteach. Also, you can find him here.

Joshua Bloch

Being an author of Effective Java and co-author of Java Concurrency in Practice and Java Puzzlers, Joshua Bloch is willing to share his experience through his @joshbloch Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn profile.

Nicolas Fränkel

Nicolas Fränkel is an experienced Software Architect who has been working on Java and Spring technologies for more than 15 years now. During this period of time, he has written a few interesting books on app development, which are very easy to understand even for beginners. On his Twitter channel @nicolas_frankel, Nicolas shares not only knowledge but also jokes, stories, and cases. You can also find him on LinkedIn.

Trisha Gee

The first woman in this selection is Trisha Gee — a respected blogger, creator of numerous Java courses, and a team leader at JetBrains. This multitasking Java specialist is willing to share her knowledge and help other developers in their learning journey. On her Twitter accaunt @Trisha_Gee, she shares valuable tips and hot news in the Java world (a monthly newsletter named "Java Annotated Monthly”). Besides Twitter, she has a blog.

Agnès Crépet

Agnès Crépet is another woman whose Twits are definitely worth your attention. She is currently the only French woman who holds the title of Java Champion. Along with her Twitter account (@agnes_crepet), you can visit her LinkedIn profile.

Arun Gupta

If you ask us to highlight all the achievements of Arun Gupta, we can wax poetic. It’s the person who has published such books as Java Champion, Java Rockstar, etc. He is also a member of Amazon Web Services’ Java development team, who is eager to share information about AWS technological updates and the relevance of Java in his work for Amazon. If you’d like to follow Arun, you may visit his Twitter @arungupta or LinkedIn.

Jeff Dinkins

A real professional who has been working on the SwinsdGUI Toolkit since its creation in 1996, Jeff Dinkins currently works at Oracle, manages the Java Core Libraries team, and does a great deed by getting fellow students on the inside of Java at his Twitter @JeffAtSun and LinkedIn profiles. By the way, Jeff Dinkins has a personal website as well.

Thorben Janssen

In case you happen to get stuck at Hibernate problems, @thjanssen123 may come in great handy. Being the author of the bestselling Hibernate Tips book, Thorben Janssen regularly posts new hints and gives solutions to the most frequent problems.

Markus Eisele

If you’re interested in the upcoming webinars and conferences, you should definitely consider Markus Eisele’s Twitter @myfear and LinkedIn profile where he posts his reviews and thoughts on the latest events.

Top Java Blogs

Oracle Blog

It would be unfair not to start this list with the Oracle blog, seemingly the best Java blog in the industry. It offers fully comprehensive info on Java history, platform services, Java tools, and cloud applications, as well as provides valuable tutorials and recent updates. Each blog is easy readable and takes from two to five minutes of reading time in general. Ideal for those who search for short blogs with meaningful content.

Inside Java

Just like checking your daily newspaper, you can visit the InsideJava blog every day to keep up with the latest news and views on Java. As a nice bonus, the blog offers useful links to YouTube videos on Java to assist you.


InfoQ doesn't specialize solely in Java, but it’s the perfect place where developers can find everything they could ever ask for. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a green student, an expert, or someone in-between, InfoQ is a great place to learn and grow. The blog provides some exclusive Java content-related development, design, architecture, security, database, AI, and many more.


Javaworld is among the best Java blogs out there, which boasts in-depth resources on Java (learning resources, fresh updates, glossaries, and reviews related to tools & apps).


One more blog worth your attention is Javarevisited. It includes detailed study materials on programming basics, frameworks, design patterns, APIs, architectural styles, multithreading, OOPS concepts, numerous how-to's, casting in Java, links to books, interview questions, and many more. The blog is run by Javin Poul, a programmer with seven years of field experience.

Adam Bien’s Weblog

Adam Bien has not only Youtube and Twitter but also his own Weblog. For each article he posts on his weblog, he includes a free video narration by himself. He has already published more than 1500 articles on his weblog on different Java-related topics.

Java Geek

Just like Adam Bien, Nicolas Fränkel isn’t limited to only one or two platforms. He also runs one of the most popular Java blogs on the Net. In his Java Geek blog, you can find out about such topics as JUnit vs TestNG, log management in Spring Boot, and more. As a nice touch, the blog has a code geek network section for Java architects, junior-to-senior developers, large and small projects. Plus, Java Code Geeks has a "Best of the week" section with the weekly Java updates.

Final Words

Surely, Java is going to remain an in-demand programming language in the IT industry for long years to come. And if you’d like to follow the industrial strategies, advance your skills, and get the freshest updates, you need to find good resources. In this guide, we’ve covered the most popular and the most sought-after of Java resources that can inspire both beginners and experienced Java specialists. Hopefully, they will help you enhance your knowledge, keep you motivated, and make it easier for you to climb up the career ladder. Happy reading!