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Alexey Yelenevych
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Learn Java Development and Get a Dream Job in Just 12 Months: CodeGym Launches a Course with Mentorship for Learners from India

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Hello, I’m Alexey, the co-founder and CMO of CodeGym. Today I’m going to tell you how you can switch to a demanded, well-paid profession and get a job in the Indian IT market. Even if you have no prior knowledge of programming.Learn Java Development and Get a Dream Job in Just 12 Months: CodeGym Launches a Course with Mentorship for Learners from India - 1

A brief reference if you’re new to CodeGym

CodeGym is a global online platform where you can learn Java programming and get the profession of Java Developer (or any other Java-related job).

For almost 10 years, we’ve been helping millions of students from the USA, India, and Europe reach their dream: master coding and become a programmer. Until recently, CodeGym was only a self-paced course. Many learners believe that studying solo, at your own speed, is the best option. But we thought: what if we could give our students more? Like mentorship, support, and the opportunity not only to get coding skills but become a job-ready professional?

And that’s where the story of CodeGym University begins. We’ve created several online courses with mentorship, cool coding projects, learning, and career support. The goal of this learning – become a programming PRO and land a job.

In this post, I’ll unveil everything you should know about the “Java Developer Profession” course, specially designed for all wannabe programmers in India. The timing seems right. This week, the first group of students begins the online training. Post Summary:Why did we decide to create a course which is 100% focused only on learners from India? Easy answer. CodeGym is here if you need us. Or I’d rather: CodeGym goes to India because the Indian IT market needs you and hundreds of thousands of Java developers now and in the future! Thinking of getting a job in IT? Let’s talk a bit about the best career opportunities and the most thoughtful way to reach a real competitive advantage in the demanding Indian IT market by learning with CodeGym.

The State of IT in India: Why It’s a Great Idea to Get Tech-related Profession

You might be familiar with a common struggle of many experienced working professionals. Feeling that your career is at a standstill. Understanding that the salary cap isn’t satisfying at all. Seeing people rush into large IT companies as programmers to do an impactful job and get an impressive paycheck. Meanwhile, you’re interested in tech and believe that you CAN become, say, a software developer. And, of course, you CAN get a job as a rookie programmer in your labor market. What could go wrong? Nothing, actually. India is the world's IT outsourcing hotspot with a 25-year history and is undoubtedly a leader in the global outsourcing segment. There are dozens of huge IT outsourcing companies here, like Infosys, with over 270 000 employers and $13 billion in revenue annually. Whooping number! But still, the primary issue for these companies is the lack of qualified specialists: software developers, QA engineers, data analysts, etc. At the same time, the startup market in India is growing, and the economy is digitalizing at full speed. In 2021 alone, India launched 14,000 new startups that raised $42 billion. They are in desperate demand of IT specialists, too. Last year, the revenue of the information technology and business process management industry in India reached the whooping 194 billion dollars, showcasing a steady annual growth despite the pandemic. The experts believe that India will become the world's leader in developing and distributing digital products in no time.

The Most Sought-after Professions in Indian IT: Consider Java Developer as the Best Option

According to reports, the IT services industry in India created over 500,000 new jobs in 2021/22. With the rapidly growing outsourcing & startup market, Metaverse, Web3, and the upcoming Industry 4.0, the demand for IT professionals, especially – data engineers and programmers – is high. The increasing number of job openings in tech leaves the door open for newbie developers – university graduates and those who decided to gain a new profession via boot camps and online course programs. According to the Naukri report, Java shares the top position with Python, one of the most in-demand languages for many years. The salary prospects of Java & Python developers are almost even: making up to 20+ LPA as an experienced developer is possible. But the demand for Java developers is almost twice as high as for Python developers. You can quickly check the number of job openings for Java and Python specialists and see the difference. Java programmer has lots of options. Server-side applications for finance and big data need Java. Android programs, web applications, embedded systems, and scientific applications need Java, too. Anyways, it’s easier to tell where you don’t need Java than the opposite!

Get Java Developer Profession With a Job Guarantee with CodeGym

The “Java Developer Profession” is a course by CodeGym designed especially for learners in India. This course is for:
  1. Beginners or people with zero knowledge of programming.
  2. Industry switchers who work in IT but want to start a career as a Java Developer.
  3. Java specialists who wish to improve their skills or review the material.
  4. Innovators who want to dive into the programming sphere and get some new knowledge.
Whichever your background is, you can be sure that after completing this course successfully, you will be able to land a job as a Java Developer. And we will help you with this. What makes us so sure about it? Here are the main components of the CodeGym University program for India, which make it 100% relevant to your goal of getting a job in IT in the shortest time possible:

1. Gain all the necessary knowledge and skills for a Junior Java developer required in the Indian job market

CodeGym University course has a Java development focus only. We’re the experts in teaching Java. We train Java developers around the world (in the USA, India, and Europe) and, in 10+ years, have prepared more than 30,000 JavaDevs who work in top-tier IT companies: Learn Java Development and Get a Dream Job in Just 12 Months: CodeGym Launches a Course with Mentorship for Learners from India - 2We expect more profound learning in a course with mentorship will skyrocket the already impressive CodeGym students → to Java developers ratio.

2. Enjoy learning at a comfortable pace, with the best balance between programming theory and practice

Plenty of online courses promise to make you a full-fledged Java developer in 9 or even 8 months. Our program is 12 months long, and we’re sure that’s exactly how much time you need to become a Java developer from scratch. We’re aware that 9 months of learning sounds better than 12. But instead of luring you into something more attractive in terms of time, we’d like to convince you that it’s better to spend extra months on learning with CodeGym, than waste 8-9 months on learning elsewhere without certain guarantees of you becoming a demanded Java specialist. “Java Developer profession” course consists of six modules (see the detailed program here):
  1. Java Syntax.
  2. Java Core.
  3. Java Professional.
  4. Working with databases. Hibernate.
  5. Spring + Spring Boot.
  6. Final project.
What are the main benefits of learning at CodeGym University:
  • Small groups – our classes are held in small groups in English.
  • Online lessons with skilled mentors twice a week – the lessons are "live" online sessions in Zoom with experienced teachers who also are practicing Java developers. As part of these classes, teachers explain new theoretical topics to students, analyze homework assignments, and answer questions.
  • Homework on the CodeGym platform – after each lesson, the student gets an assignment, which they complete on the CodeGym platform. For the programming practice to be in a real environment for development, our team created a special plug-in IntelliJ IDEA. Everything is real!
  • Interactive online simulator with auto-check – since the first lesson, you will write programs in a browser or a professional development environment. CodeGym’s "Virtual mentor" checks the completed task and, in seconds, assesses the result and, if necessary, suggests tips for the solution presented.
  • Support in the Slack chat – Java experts promptly answer questions about Java theory and the tasks.
  • Large Projects/Courseworks at the end of each module – you will gain experience using cutting-edge technology and learn how to create real projects that they can add to their portfolio.
By the end of the course, you’ll have all the essential knowledge and skills for your Java Developer CV and be ready for employment in Indian IT companies. As a bonus, you’ll have a few coding projects in your GitHub portfolio. CodeGym will take care of your minimal started pack as a newbie Java developer.

3. Learn from the best: experienced Java developers with a passion for mentorship

CodeGym mentors and teachers are experienced, certified, Senior-level software developers with a vast experience in top technology companies: Tata Consultancy services, Walmart Technology, Salesforece, Siemens, and others. They’ve completed CodeGym mentorship training program, so they know how to deal with students with different level of preparation. No matter your previous experience, you will get a smooth introduction to programming basics, learn Java, coding tools, and popular frameworks step by step.

4. Prove your knowledge to your future employer: get the Certificate of Completion

Here at CodeGym, we believe that anyone can master coding without prior knowledge. You can even learn programming solo, in a self-paced course, or using free coding tutorials. But how will you prove your knowledge and professional competence to an employer? It is much easier to convince an employer company that you’re capable of doing the Java developer job after showing the Certificate of Completion: Learn Java Development and Get a Dream Job in Just 12 Months: CodeGym Launches a Course with Mentorship for Learners from India - 3And your CV, which includes all the important skills for Java developer newbies. Here’s what your CV will look like after you complete the “Java Developer Profession” course by CodeGym: Learn Java Development and Get a Dream Job in Just 12 Months: CodeGym Launches a Course with Mentorship for Learners from India - 4Certificate, CV, an impressive coding portfolio, and profound programming knowledge – this is what you’ll get only in 12 months! But that’s not all.

5. Get real help from CodeGym in landing your first Java developer position

We clearly understand that when you dedicate so much time to learning, you need more than logical conclusions that you’ll be capable of getting a Java developer job. That’s why we give a guarantee to CodeGym University graduates. To land a job in a company, all you need to do is:
  1. Attend every live session of the course.
  2. Complete the final projects of each module before the deadline.
  3. Pass the final exam.
  4. Strictly follow the recommendations of the course mentors and career coach.
You're ready if you've passed all modules and completed all projects by yourself. CodeGym will assist you before the job interview or get you placed in our partners' companies after completing the course.

So, how to get a promising profession and a guaranteed job as a Java developer in a year?

Enroll in CodeGym “Java Developer Profession” course now. The new group of students is about to begin their studies. And here’s what students say about their experience of learning Java with CodeGym University: