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What are the Advantages of the CodeGym Course with and without mentor? Communities, Flexibility, and Studying at Your Pace

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"What is the best programming language" is one of the most debatable questions in the software industry. Yet, Java is one of the top programming languages created by humankind ever. Over 25 years ago, Java had a staying power and is still among the most in-demand programming languages because of its platform independency, security, and versatility (no wonder there is always a strong demand for Java developers and Android developers). Another benefit of Java is that it's a pretty beginner-friendly programming language. Delivering an Object-Oriented approach to programming, Java makes it easier for learners to start creating the world around them in code. Additionally, Java boasts strong communities, numerous open-source libraries, and online resources, making it possible to get a grasp of Java. So, is a need to spend 4 or 5 years to get an academic degree? We bet not. Online courses are the future. What are the Advantages of the CodeGym Course? Communities, Flexibility, and Studying at Your Pace - 1

Top Benefits of Online Courses

If you're someone who wants to start programming with Java and looking for some excellent ways to do so with minimum time/money resources put into it, here are the top benefits of online courses that may dissolve any of your doubts.

You Choose What You Need

When you're just about to start learning to code, you probably first define your goals and choose what suits you better. Unlike colleges and universities, where you need to soak much unnecessary info, online courses let you focus on what you need. You may select the introductory course and add the specific topics you will need for your future career (Java developer, Android developer, or QA specialist).

Cheaper Alternative

As mentioned, online course fees are much more affordable than paying for 4-5 years in college/university. And, frankly speaking, employers nowadays prefer to check what are your skills rather than checking your academic paper. So when it comes to tech, more and more companies hire employers by the principle that "what matters is what you can do (not what you know)."


What about sitting in a classroom or lecture hall all day long? It sounds terrible, agree? However, things are entirely different when it comes to online courses. Online coding courses give you a fantastic opportunity to learn whenever and wherever you like. You're not tied to time and place, which is especially great for those who have families and need to balance their work/family commitments, those who look for extra qualifications while being employed in-team, or even those who don't want to leave their cozy apartments in the pandemic times. And, imagine, nobody will be there to ask you why you've missed a class this week. That being said, online courses can become the magic pill only for self-disciplined students who can regularly learn without taking educational gaps.


If you fear that no fellow students will support you (like it often happens in "real" colleges), please, don't. Online Java courses are full of like-minded people eager to share their knowledge, experience, and lifestyle. The only difference is that you can't see them in person. In the modern computing era, it's not a big deal since you can ask even the most stupid questions and get quick responses through websites, forums, chats, online messengers… whatever you prefer. However, the Java online support is extra firm.

Usage of the Modern Tools and Technologies

Dissimilar to college courses or programming books, online courses are always up-to-date. They react much quicker to general Java updates or general updates in the tech world.

Studying at Your Own Pace

One of the most attractive things about online courses is that nobody hurries you. You don't need to complete a "home task" till Tuesday, and you don't need to listen to a 2-hour lecture at a time. Need a break? No problem. You can pause your video lecture whenever it's needed. But, again, it's your responsibility, and you can "stretch" the course as you wish. It's up to you how fast you'd like to progress. A small tip: if you practice every day and spend about 2-3 hours coding daily, you can complete a course and become "job-ready" in less than half a year.

Reviewing of Lessons Whenever You Need It

For example, if you forget how to use Arrays class, it's not a problem. You can go back and watch a dedicated lecture and reread the corresponding materials. Anywhere, anytime.

Learning Coding Online is Popular

Starting a tech or web development career after completing an online course isn't as tricky as you think. More and more companies currently hire Junior specialists who have only completed offline/online courses. Above all, they value skills and the proven track of their experience, shown in their portfolio through the projects they have already completed. And if the course involves creating real projects, you will stand above the competition. Among other cool perks, we can highlight motivational lectures and numerous entertaining features like a game section and quiz section to keep you motivated and help you move further in your studying. CodeGym Schedule is another great add-on that can help you kickstart learning every day. It allows you to set a comfortable schedule and automatically notifies you when it's high time to get down to learning. CodeGym's Bookmark feature may also come in handy during the learning process. It's intended for bookmarking the critical info you'd like to refer to later. In addition, it's a fantastic deal for those who would like to become more organized and structurize their learning. CodeGym offers a mobile app for students who are always on the move. So, if you're a pretty busy person, you'll be able to learn even when you're commuting to save precious time and get special knowledge.

What are the benefits of the "Java Developer Profession" online course with a mentor?

If the classical CodeGym course self-paced doesn't suit you, you can consider the "Java Developer Profession" online course that lasts 12 months. The comprehensive program of the course enables you to acquire essential Java skills through an engaging and motivating learning experience. The main feature of this course is that you'll be guided by a mentor, which is an obvious benefit for those who look for individual support. An experienced Java developer will give you 90-minute online lessons twice a week, where you can receive personalized recommendations to enhance your understanding of Java concepts. Moreover, on weekdays, you can chat with Java experts to receive answers to your questions on theory or get help with solving some tasks. The course has a well-structured program divided into six modules, during which you'll be able to master Java — from syntax and core concepts to professional tools like Maven, Hibernate, Spring, and Spring Boot. You'll also be able to become proficient in SQL, Maven, REST API, and other valuable tools. After each module, you'll have a final big project (or projects) behind your belt. Upon completing the course, you'll obtain a CodeGym certificate validating your deep knowledge of Java. Equipped with this certificate and real-life projects, you can craft a competitive resume and portfolio to position yourself as a skilful Junior Java developer. As a bonus, CodeGym provides access to resources related to job searching, resume creation, and interview preparations, ensuring a seamless transition into the professional world. What are the Advantages of the CodeGym Course with and without mentor? Communities, Flexibility, and Studying at Your Pace - 2


You may be surprised, but it's possible to study the basics of Java in-depth and acquire the necessary skills to create your first "serious" Java project. With CodeGym, just anyone can learn how to code by themselves without investing their savings into an expensive 4-year college degree. And the best part is – you can make money while still learning. Furthermore, due to the flexibility CodeGym offers, you won't need to quit your current job (if any). So, it doesn't matter whether you're looking to switch your career or just learning something new, CodeGym online course may be a perfect match for you.