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Java vs. Python: Which programming language is better? Video

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We continue a series of videos with a career consultant at CG University Shubham Dumbre, in which he talks about training, job search, and career building. In the second video, he explains which language is the best choice for learners with zero experience in coding. So, here is the head-to-head comparison of Java and Python.

Which language is more popular?

There are multiple programming languages like Swift, C++, Java, Kotlin, PHP, JavaScript, Go, Python, etc. that are utilized in Software Development. JavaScript, Python, and Java are the most used programming languages, as per GitHub rankings. Even in the Stackoverflow developer survey for popular coding languages globally, Python holds 3rd, while Java is in the 5th position. Both Java and Python are cross-platform languages. It means that the code you write can be run on multiple devices. Both of them have great backend frameworks and machine learning libraries. In terms of program implementation, Java is generally faster than Python because it is a compiled language. However, Python needs fewer lines of code to perform the same task because it has an easier syntax. So both languages are about the same in terms of popularity.

Which language is easier to learn?

Java and Python are two of the most popular programming languages. In comparison, Java is the faster language, while Python is simpler and easier to learn. Both of these coding languages are well-established, platform-independent, and part of a large, supportive community. Python syntax is easier to learn, while Java has a steep learning curve. That is why many universities and courses use Python to teach programming concepts, as it helps to master coding slightly quicker. However, Java has better performance as it provides opportunities to work on more performance-intensive projects, and it is also one of the most in-demand programming languages that hiring managers look for when hiring candidates for good technical roles.

Which language gives more perspectives?

Learning the language and testing programs is faster and easier in Python compared to Java primarily due to its concise syntax. Python is a general programming language that can be used for both front-end and back-end development. It empowers developers to employ a variety of programming styles while they're creating programs. Java, too, is one of the most popular modern programming languages. It creates complex programs and applications. Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Minecraft, and many other companies used Java for their backend. It is mainly used in the financial and banking sphere and is a backend language. Both Python and Java developer roles vary as per the general hierarchy and specific responsibilities associated with them. The salaries of Java developers and Python developers in the Indian IT market are quite similar. With Java, on average, you can earn 5 lakhs, and with Python – 4.5 lakhs. Salaries vary as per location, company size, role complexity, and other related factors. Despite the language you choose, you can reach up to 12 lakhs as a skilled Senior developer. If you search for Java developer jobs on Naukri, you will get 75 thousand of vacancies today. In contrast, the offer for Python developers is almost twice less – 38 thousand. Thus, Java developers are in extremely high demand in Indian IT, and this trend will continue for decades ahead. If you want to know what programming language is the best choice for you, then watch the full video on YouTube. Java vs. Python: Which programming language is better? Video - 1