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Java Math.min() method

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How to find min() of two numbers in Java?

Java provides a system library known as “java.lang.Math” for extensive handy operations. From trigonometry to logarithmic functions, you can find min/max or even absolute of a number using the methods provided by this library due to its diverse functionalities.

Math.min() Method

Here’s a regular representation of the method.
Math.min(a, b)
Kindly note that this function accepts two parameters of same types int, long, float or double. Let’s look at an executable example of the Math.min() method to understand an effective use of it. Make sure you run the script in your IDE to validate the outputs.

Example 1

package com.math.min.core
public class MathMinMethod {
	public static void main(String[] args) {

		int leenasAge = 10;
		int tiffanysAge = 15;
		// example of min () function
            int min = Math.min(leenasAge, tiffanysAge);

		System.out.print("Who's the younger sister? ");
		if (min < tiffanysAge)
			System.out.print("Leena ------- Age " + leenasAge);
			System.out.print("Tiffany ------- Age " + tiffanysAge);


Who's the younger sister? Leena ------- Age 10


At line 8, int min = Math.min(leenasAge, tiffanysAge); int min stores the minimum number returned by the min() function. Later we use that result to find the age of the smaller sibling.

Example 2

package com.math.min.core;
public class MathMinMethod {
	public static void main(String[] args) {

		double berriesSoldInKg = 15.6;
		double cherriesSoldInKg = 21.3;
            // example of min () function
		double min = Math.min(berriesSoldInKg, cherriesSoldInKg);

		System.out.println("What's the minimum weight sold?");
		if (min != cherriesSoldInKg)
			System.out.print("Berries: " + berriesSoldInKg + " kg");
			System.out.print("Cherries: " + cherriesSoldInKg +"kg");


What's the minimum weight sold? Berries: 15.6 kg


At line 8, double min = Math.min(berriesSoldInKg, cherriesSoldInKg); the double “min” stores the lowest of both weights. Later, we compare two doubles (amount in kgs) to check the minimum of the two fruits. That result can be used according to your requirements in any case.


By now you’d be able to understand the need and efficiency of Math.min() method. However, in case of any query or confusion feel free to consult this article again. Keep growing and practising!
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