So, i don' want to give the answer here, but i first tried this:
while (createdThreadCount < count)
              System.out.println(new GenerateThread());}
and that this:
if (createdThreadCount < count)
The while loop didn't validate ("too many lines") and printed out lines out of order (...14 than 12 than 13 etc.). The if validated and prints out in perfect order. I debugged and found out that there is a major difference between the to as well, the code in the while loop executed while the 'createdThreadCount' went above 17. Which is odd, because the programs highest output was 15 even than... I think this show that the if and while loop check differently but i didn't think this would impact the behavior of the rest of the code so much. Can a good soul give me some insight on why this executes so differently. If you don't get what i'm trying to ask pleas comment so and i try to be clearer. Thx