See attached image of Task conditions. They provide sample data and sample output of that data. Problem is, they don't match up according to the stated conditions. The sample data contains a span tag containing "Leela Turanga" which is nested inside a b tag which is nested inside another span tag with some xml information. However, check the sample output. The first line of the output appears to be correct, putting all of that on one line. They say "tags may have nested tags" in the conditions and while they don't actually say what you're supposed to do with that knowledge, I think it's implied, especially from the first line of the output example, that a nested tag goes on the same line as its parent tag. But the second line of the sample output is (span)Leela Turanga(/span). Where is it getting this second span containing that text from? It's already been printed in the first line. So this leaves me really confused about this task. Is the sample output an error, or is there a hidden condition where span tags also have to be pulled out of their parent tags and displayed on their own lines? I also thought that perhaps each child tag gets pulled out of its parent tag and gets it's own line, but if this were true then there should be a line for the b tag. Either way the example output seems wrong.