Looking at the templates we need to parse for... <tag>text1</tag> <tag text2>text1</tag> <tag text2>text1</tag> The first and second lines make sense. But looking around the rest of the exercise description and examples, I still can't decipher what's exactly being illustrated in the last two lines. Mr. or Ms. Klesk's expansion in the Discussion section doesn't help at all. I'd like to hang in here and get just the first part of this figured out (i.e. Understanding the test conditions!) Input: <tag>text1</tag> <tag text2><tag>text3<tag>text4</tag></tag>text1</tag> <tag text2>text1</tag> Output: <tag>text1</tag> <tag text2><tag>text3<tag>text4</tag></tag>text1</tag> <tag>text3<tag>text4</tag></tag> <tag>text4</tag> <tagtext2>text1</tag>