New Java Syntax

Java Syntax+

The New Java Syntax quest was developed in CodeGym's secret bunker. It consists of 16 levels about Java language basics. It can be mastered even by someone who has never programmed before. You'll learn about classes, objects, methods, and variables. You'll study data types, arrays, conditional operators, and loops. You'll take a quick look at collections and the basics of OOP (Quest 4 is where we begin a serious study of these topics), and you'll also start working in IntelliJ IDEA, a popular development environment (programmers all over the world use it!).

But most importantly, you will solve a lot of tasks. Tasks are front and center on CodeGym. But don't worry, virtual mentors will help you deal with any mistakes (your solutions are checked instantly).

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William Wallace
Level 3 , Bielsko-Biala, Poland
13 October, 11:14
Any way to use IntelliJ IDEA on Android phone somehow linked to CodeGym app when doing tasks or is it only option for doing tasks on PC Desktop?
John Squirrels Website Admin at CodeGym
13 October, 19:23
You can complete our tasks in the app itself. But please note that not every task can be completed there.
Addison Wood
Level 1 , United States
4 October, 05:54
Awesome job
Polakam Manohar Sai
Level 2 , Bengaluru , India
18 September, 13:19
Currently in Quest 1, lesson 2. I wonder if this quest is for free lifetime?
John Squirrels Website Admin at CodeGym
26 September, 11:09
In our Java course, you have an opportunity to pass the introductory level 1 and the Games section for free. In order to continue learning one of our subscriptions is required.
Level 7 , United Kingdom, United Kingdom
11 September, 20:48
do I ever learn to make games
Joshua Zellner
Level 11 , United States of America, United States
8 August, 04:29
Excellent material 👌🏼
Level 1 , India
7 May, 06:20
String msg = "this is good";
ayadi1 Full Stack Developer
15 April, 22:28
String msg = "this is so good";
hagimi GUJ
Level 1 , India
28 March, 17:46