5.1 The style attribute of a tag

And a few more useful things about HTML. As the web began to gain popularity, there was a growing demand for web pages to be beautifully or very beautifully designed. This problem was solved by using the style .

The general form of this attribute has the following format:

        <tag style="name=value;name2=value2;nameN=valueN">

The attribute value, separated styleby a semicolon, lists all the "styles" that need to be applied to the tag.

Let's say you want to display an image as a square 100*100and also make it half transparent. To do this, you need to add special styles to it:

  • width=100px;
  • height=100px;
  • opacity=0.5;

Then the HTML code with this image will look like this:

       <img src="logo.png" style="width=100px;height=100px;opacity=0.5">

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of styles. And browser developers are constantly coming up with new ones. It's good that you are studying to be a Java developer, not a web designer :)

5.2 Popular CSS Styles

It is unlikely that you will write a lot of HTML code or edit its styles in your life, but anything can happen. For example, you are writing a couple of small HTML pages to test the API. Therefore, knowing the basic styles HTMLcan be helpful.

Below are the 10 most common ones for backend developers:

# Name Example Description
1 width width: 100px element width in pixels
2 height height: 50% element's height as a percentage (of parent's width)
3 display display: none display element (do not display element)
4 visibility visibility: hidden element visibility (element is hidden, but space is reserved for it)
5 color color: red; text color
6 background color background color: smoke background color
7 border border: 1px solid black; border (width 1px, color black, solid line)
8 font font: verdana 10pt font: verdana, size 10pt
9 text-align text-align: center; text alignment horizontally
10 margin margin:2px padding outside the element

You do not need to remember these tags, everything is on the Internet. Moreover, each "style" has its own set of valid values ​​and its own format for describing the value. Look at least at borderor font.