1. Summary of Level 1

Congratulations! You've completed the first level on CodeGym! Just one level and you've already mastered a bunch of important and interesting stuff. Good work!

You learned about:

  • Variables;
  • Displaying text on the screen;
  • Int and String types;
  • You learned the difference between compiling in Java and other languages;
  • Adding comments in code and why we need them.

Excellent! Of course, the levels that follow won't be as easy, but they will grow more difficult gradually. The same goes for the exercises.

It's like going to the gym: we add weights little by little, and 6 months later, the beginner can do 220 lbs on the bench press.

Boring lessons are so 21st century! Can you imagine writing in chalk on a blackboard! Nothing had changed since the 1400s. I suppose there were dinosaurs still roaming the streets then.

You are advancing to the next level! 😉

New Java Syntax, level 1, lesson 7
Nerd break
The super secret CodeGym training center has both standard lessons and entertaining lessons. But we don't have them just for the sake of having them. They will teach you loads about your future field of employment! It's time to relax a bit and watch a video about your future colleagues.