1. CodeGym forum

But learning isn't the only thing we do on CodeGym! We also rub shoulders with other programmers: beginners as well as folks who are already established.

As the size of our Java community expands, so does the set of tools you can use on our website.

How does any Internet community begin? That's right — as a forum. CodeGym has a dedicated Forum section, where you can discuss any questions you want. No surprises here — you'll find it both familiar and understandable.

CodeGym forum

2. Chat rooms on CodeGym

For those who like more intense communication, CodeGym also has a set of chat rooms. They can all be found in the Chat section. The chats are divided into channels by topic. There are chats dedicated to various technologies, CodeGym, specific companies, as well as chats about cities.

If you want to ask a question that doesn't seem fit any existing channel, then ask it in the Random channel.

3. Groups on CodeGym (Articles section)

Social networks usually allow groups to be created to facilitate communication between like-minded people. We thought that was a good idea, so we have groups on our site too.

We have all kinds of Groups. They are built on interests in IT (e.g. groups for front-end engineers, groups for testers) and cities (where you can find information about local vaccination efforts, internships, and conferences). There is a separate group for those participating in an online internship as well as those who would like to get into one.

Be sure to join the platform's three main groups!

In the CodeGym group, we publish the latest news about the website, including information on CodeGym internships, contests, and promotions. This is all new information about the website and any changes will appear first.

The Random group publishes interesting articles about IT in general, many written by our very own students and alumni. In this group, you can broaden your horizons with new technologies, find book reviews, get advice on finding a job, and also unwind while enjoying some IT humor.

The Java Developer group contains interesting articles about Java, additional learning materials, and news about the language.

Articles section

4. Success stories

I would also like to tell you about another very interesting section — Success stories. This is where CodeGym users share their stories about employment: how people came to study, how many times they gave up, what interviews they went to, where, etc.

Learning really is often difficult. You are mastering a new profession and, quite possibly, radically altering your occupation. Is there anything our graduates haven't done before?! They have been athletes, doctors, and recruiters.

If anything can motivate you to study, it is the examples of hundreds of others who have already walked this path, learned Java, passed through all the interview stages, and landed jobs as programmers.

If you enjoy coding, you just have to take a look at this section and read a couple of the stories. It could change your life much more than you might think right now.

Read, be motivated, study. And good luck as you pursue the path of the Java programmer!