Level passed! Congratulations! You have taken your first step in learning Java.

You learned what a program is, how to display data on the screen, what variables are, what data types are, what a compiler is, and what bytecode is. You also got acquainted with the concept of comments.

You can run on to the next level, or you can take 10 minutes to consolidate and deepen your new knowledge. A couple of additional lessons will help you with this.

Coding Rules: the Power of Correct Names, Good and Bad Comments

This article dives into the topic of the correct naming of certain elements. Correct names make the code easier to read, so you better learn all the rules from the very beginning.

Is Java good for learning as a first language? Let's explore possibilities and talk about pitfalls

What programming language should you use when you start learning how to code? It's a classic question that has been an eternal dilemma for future coders. Since you're studying at CodeGym, you probably made your choice, but let us explain once more why Java is the best option.