If the topics we've covered aren't clear... Repeat them over and over again until they are :) But we hope that the lessons in this level have given you a good understanding of how to use loops in Java. You also learned what real numbers are and about some of the nuances of working with them. To sort out all the new information in your brain and help you understand how the programming theory is used in practice, we prepared a few additional materials for you.

For loop in Java

They say that the best programmer is the lazy programmer. Instead of repeating the same operations several times, the smart programmer will come up with an algorithm to do the necessary work for him or her. And do it so well so that it doesn't need to be redone. In some cases, a for loop will help you write the smallest required number of lines of code. In this article, we dive into its operating principles and examples of using them to solve various problems.

The while statement

Our very first programs were a sequence of instructions executed one after another, but programming work very often involves problems that require a completely different approach. The while loop puts multiple actions into a concise and understandable structure. And that's exactly what we'll talk about.