Now that you've figured out how to work with one of the main development tools — the IDE (in our case, IntelliJ IDEA) — you can relax a bit. That's a joke. Of course, you won't be able to avoid doing some reading at home. This time, we advise you to read a couple of articles written by someone who is both a CodeGym graduate as well as a senior developer.

Debugging in IntelliJ IDEA: a beginner's guide

For your enjoyment, this detailed guide will repeat what debugging is and why you need it. You will learn what you need to start debugging, and you'll walk through the debugging of a small project step by step. It's going to be interesting!

10 ways to improve your code, proven through personal experience

Everyone realizes at some point that the code could be better. After all, nobody is perfect. And the sooner you learn about simple yet effective practices, the less ashamed you will be about your code in the future. All the methods described in this article will definitely help you become a good programmer.

Working in an IDE and Debug mode,  5 уровень,  8 лекция
Working in an IDE and Debug mode
Working in an IDE and Debug mode