"Hi, buddy. Here's an interesting task for you."

Java Collections, level 7, lesson 4
Circular iterator
The Solution class inherits ArrayList. Properly override the iterator method in the Solution class. Write your own CircularIterator class inside the Solution class. It will be an iterator for the Solution list. The iterator must move circularly through all of the elements.

"Wait, I'm getting a call"

"Hello? Uh-huh... Yes... Factory... What about this factory??? Hello? Hello?"

"Amigo, the captain called and said something about some factory and a secret agent. You're my friend, right? Go to this Agent IntelliJ IDEA and find out what's up with the factory. But, shh! Don't tell anyone."

"Yes, I know the secret agent. We've spent many hours together. Don't worry. I'm already on my way."