You’d spent hundreds of hours practising, read 500 mini-lectures, solved 1200 tasks through 40 levels. You are extremely cool!

Your brain is a peremptory automatic system for solving problems and writing Java programs. If you continue to train your brain, you will become a world-class professional in a couple of years. his will let you choose your employers on your own terms.

Sure it doesn’t mean you know everything about Java and Java development. You still have a lot of work to do. This is a good time to start your own small project or a couple of them and place them on github. If you are interested in mobile development it is a good idea to create an Android application and publish it on Google Play. Don’t forget to add the links on your projects into your CV.

Keep practicing all the time. Read news and articles about Java and try new features.

You can try to look for an internship or a trainee work especially if you are interested in Enterprise software development. It means you should know the basics of Spring and Hibernate technologies, SQL and Databases. So, don’t hesitate, read about them and try to use them in your projects.

Now feel free to start a job seeking process. Prepare your resume and start to sending it. Learn the typical Java interview questions and sort the answers out. Clear and quick answers to questions will help you a lot to pass the interview.

You beat CodeGym Java Core course! Congratulations! - 1

Do not rush to immediately accept the first available proposal. Much better to go for 10 interviews. While you receive two or more offers, take the best of them and be sure to notify all HR-s about your decision. They remember that you are decent and keep your word, and this will give you advantages at your next meeting with this HR. They also change their jobs pretty often, so you can meet in another company. Now you do not work for them, but time will pass, and everything can change.

CodeGym’s team is happy for every student who has found the job through our course. So, it would be wonderful if you post your success story in our society.

You beat CodeGym Java Core course! Congratulations! - 2

Do you recognize yourself in this picture? All these people are applicants for one Junior Java Developer job. You have practical experience and strong knowledge, use them as an advantage! Try hard and your dream will come true!

Sincerely, your teachers.