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"Ellie, Rishi, Doctor Bilaabo, and I talked about multithreading. I learned a lot!"

"My dear friend, I think I have something to expand your understanding. Some more theory will do you good. Sit back. I've got something to tell you.

Multithreading in Java: what it is, its benefits and common pitfalls

You now know that programming has a way to perform multiple actions at the same time — in parallel — rather than in a strict sequence. This makes it easier to solve many tasks. But it isn't all smooth sailing. Multithreading has some traps that can catch not only beginners, but also experienced programmers. We'll explain how to not create problems for yourself.

What the methods of the Thread class do

This lesson will teach you about some of the Thread class's methods for starting and pausing threads. Their logic differs from other methods, so we've prepared loads of examples.