"Hi, Amigo! Here are some interview questions for you:"

Interview questions
1 What do anonymous inner classes become after being compiled?
2 Can inner classes be inherited?
3 Can anonymous inner classes be inherited?
4 Can you override inner classes?
5 What limitations do local classes have?
6 Can an anonymous inner class contain static methods?
7 Can you create an instance of an inner class if the outer class only has a private constructor?
8 Can you declare inner classes as private?
9 Can you declare anonymous inner classes as private?
10 How many inner classes can a class have?

"But, Professor, I haven't been told the answers to these questions!"

"Amigo, do you think employers prepare interview questions based on my lessons?"

"Uhhhh... No."

"This isn't college. If you need answers, google them."

"And say thanks for the questions."