"Congratulations on advancing to a new stage of training, Amigo! It's amazing. It seems like it was only yesterday that you began to create your own classes and you memorized all the primitive data types..."

"Over the years, time seems to be passing more quickly, Professor, but I can remember every one of the hundreds of hours I've spent racking my brains over tasks and assimilating new information!

"Well, please do forgive this venerable professor for his nostalgia! And have a seat. I have some extra reading for you.

Tricky Java questions frequently asked at interviews

The questions asked at interviews for a Java programmer position and during certification exams are very specific. Many of them force you think about the language's architecture. Some of them expect you to have a rather deep understanding. Some are more like puzzles or relate to nuances that are very difficult to grasp without practice. You will find several of these Java questions in this article. With the answers, of course."