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"Hi, Amigo, is that you again? You're back so soon. It seems that my lessons are helping you progress even faster than you thought you would!"

"Uh, your lessons? And what about my practicing?"

"Okay, okay. What have you learned already?"

"Well, I already understand how to create objects, and how they interact with each other. I also learned how to call individual methods, and I understand a few things about reference variables and primitive data types."

"Well done. But still, you're flying too fast. So I decided to give you a couple of lessons to lay the groundwork for the future. To bring you back to reality, so to speak. You've already heard some of the information they contain. And the part you haven't already heard will be useful to you in the next levels. So don't fret: you're ready for them. Probably."

Getting started with classes: writing your own classes, constructors

"You've already learned some things about classes, and about creating objects, too. But in this lesson, we won't just repeat what you've learned. We'll give you something new. For example, we'll teach you about creating your own classes (this is the foundation of Java programming) and we'll teach you what a 'constructor' is."

Methods, method parameters, interaction and overloading

"So, methods. Without them, objects have no idea how to behave or interact with each other. You will gain a lot of new knowledge about methods and method parameters from this thorough lesson. And we'll also touch upon important topics such as encapsulation and method overloading. If these topics are still not clear to you, don't worry. We'll return to them later."

New Java Syntax, level 2, lesson 10
Nerd Break
At the end of a level, it's helpful to unwind, watch an interesting video, and dream about your future. We suggest an excellent substitute for TV shows: videos about technology and famous nerds. During this break, you'll see Steve Jobs' famous speech to Stanford graduates. Let it inspire you to study with renewed intensity!