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Java Syntax
Level 3 , Lesson 12
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"Hello, soldier!"

"Hello, Captain Squirrels, sir!"

"I have great news for you. Here are some tasks to reinforce your new skills. Work on them every day, and your competence will grow exponentially. They were specially designed for IntelliJ IDEA."

"How do I work on them?"

"First, you start IntelliJ IDEA. Then get the tasks through the plugin. You also use the plugin to submit the completed tasks for verification."

Java Syntax, level 3, lesson 12
Sum of the digits of a three-digit number
We've got a puzzle for you that will require a little thinking. Or you can Google the solution if you aren't too keen on math puzzles. In any case, you will do well to understand the whys and wherefores. You need to implement a method that takes a three-digit number and returns the sum of that number's digits.
Java Syntax, level 3, lesson 12
Mercantile intentions
Let's be honest with each other: a programmer's salary wasn't the last thing on your mind when you decided to start coding in Java? Here at the secret CodeGym center we are well aware of this and believe it's nothing to be ashamed of. In this task, let's cut to the chase: display "I want a big salary, and that's why I'm studying Java".
Java Syntax, level 3, lesson 12
Financial expectations
Dreaming isn't bad for you, especially if your dreams are accompanied by actions (in our case, practical Java training). Let's use the keyboard to enter your expected hourly wage. Then display a message on the screen. No need to be humble. The main thing is to write the code correctly and think about algorithms.
Comments (34)
NaTasia Madison Level 4 Atlanta United States
9 June 2021
Sum of the digits of a three-digit number makes no sense at all. Since we're finding the quotient: sum=6, number= 54 sum=6, number= 5 sum=1. How tf are you getting 15. Please make it make sense!!!!! It's extremely frustrating when I know my math is correct. Correct me if I'm wrong but quotient is the remainder? If not, it still doesn't make sense. sum=54, number= 54 sum=10, number=5 sum=1 Very annoying!
BoluwajiPeters Level 4 Vacuum. Nigeria
17 February 2021
In the mercantile task, the "for" called is another method and can someone break it down for me? I mean the: for (int i = 0, i <10, i++){ }
Kelly Reed Level 4 Wichita United States
25 October 2020
move the number, use int to remove remainder, add to sum....wow.... logic/math problem psudo code then...... rewrite in programming language java....argh...
Jeremi Nuer Level 7 San Francisco United States
8 June 2020
For financial expectations task, why is it that we readLine with a String, yet the input is a number and the computer has no problem reading the integer as a string?
monipuff Level 14 United Kingdom
26 April 2020
I love it when the completed task meets all requirements but the displayed text doesn't match task conditions...
nag Level 4 Arlington United States
21 February 2020
I am not getting this tasks in CodeGym plugin, is any body facing same issue?
Ashish RajAnand Level 13 Bhilai India
5 February 2020
I use for loop . wow nice
Stormy Morning Level 6 Draper United States
6 January 2020
I added text to the Merchantile Intentions to ask for input "enter a dollar amount" which worked fine but until i removed it it wouldn't pass the task. I'm thinking because that put two println values in the code so it only read the first one and said it didn't match. mildly annoying
Scott Böning Level 5 Deggendorf Germany
28 December 2019
I found the instructions for "Mercantile intentions" a little bit misleading. I took "The text should consist of 10 lines" to mean that the output should be displayed in 10 lines (1 sentence spread out over 10 lines) instead of displaying the same output 10 times.
David Graves Level 7 Kokomo United States
15 September 2019
Now its starting to make sense.