"Hi, Amigo. How's it going?"

"Very good, Professor Noodles. I've already learned about the for and while loops. Now I can go wild without repeating myself."

"That's great. I knew I was the best teacher in the world!"

"You shouldn't listen to all these people who say that only practice matters! Theory underpins everything! What's that you're mumbling? That tasks are more important? Whatever, doesn't matter. I offer you three wonderful articles to help you digest the material even better."

Equals and string comparisons

"Comparing objects is different from comparing primitive data types. You've probably already guessed why. With objects, we're passing a reference. But with primitives, we're passing the value. You'll learn the rest from this fascinating article: "Comparing objects". It also has good examples."

Numeric operators in Java

"Here we come to a very important topic: how to operate on numbers in Java. You can do this in different ways. There are the usual arithmetic operations, and the slightly less familiar logical operations. And there are also bitwise operations, which are quite exotic if you're not a nerd. It's time to explore all this, as well as operator precedence in our favorite language. Start reading!"

Bitwise operators

"The previous article told you about different numeric operators in Java, and this article will teach you more about bitwise operators. Don't be too lazy to read and learn this stuff. It's extremely useful for any robot. Bitwise operations lie at the heart of how a computer works."

"And one more thing: if you haven't already started, then start reading the book Head First Java right away. It is simple and understandable—even for a novice programmer like you."