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Java Syntax
Level 4 , Lesson 16

"Hello, soldier!"

"Hello, Captain Squirrels, sir!"

"I have great news for you. Here are some exercises to reinforce your skills. Work on them every day, and your competence will grow exponentially. They were specially designed for IntelliJ IDEA."

Java Syntax, level 4, lesson 16
Decent pay
Have you received an indecent financial offer? Unsure how to react to the obscenity? Do you call the morality police or simply the police? Immediately file a lawsuit? Calm down: you're learning how to program, so don't get used to indecent offers. Instead, use a loop to display the following phrase 100 times: "I will never work for peanuts. Amigo".
Java Syntax, level 4, lesson 16
Somehow average
In life, we often have to compromise and find some kind of middle ground. This makes it easier to get along with each other and solve problems. Let's find the middle ground—or to be exact, the middle number—of three ints. And what if all three numbers are the same? We can display any one of them: nobody will notice.
Java Syntax, level 4, lesson 16
What could be simpler and more pleasant than adding numbers? Especially for a robot. Let's write a program where the user enters numbers from the keyboard, and then a special method sums up the entered numbers. And does so until the user gets bored. When the user is bored, he or she enters -1: the program will understand that it's time to wrap things up, and will then display the sum on the screen.
Java Syntax, level 4, lesson 16
A name is a name
At the age of 80, Yurgona Dye fulfilled his dream and learned to program. But he encountered two problems: first, nobody would hire him as a junior developer because of his age; and second, people were afraid to associate with him because of his name. But Yurgona is now a programmer. He can write a method that will assign him any name and birth year. Can you?
Comments (34)
Ilias Elb Level 6 Leuven Belgium
18 April 2021
I don't know why codegym is encouraging to use break, while we should avoid this as much as possible 🤔
Olek Level 8 Greater Manchester United Kingdom
15 November 2020
At 15/11/2020 I have leveled up to Level 5 :-) To complete Level 4 (17 lessons) I needed 2 weeks (from 02/11/2020 till 15/11/2020).
Kelly Pepper Level 7 Orlando United States
22 October 2020
In the Somehow Average task, using Arrays.sort majorly simplifies things.
ViperWolfAlpha Level 5 Los Angeles United States
1 October 2020
Somehow average was tricky. But got it done. On to level 5!
irades Level 8 Moscow Russia
29 July 2020
Thanks Captain Squirrels, great news!
Brandon Level 9 Toledo United States
9 May 2020
Level 5 on 5/9/2020! Slowly, but surely getting there!
Christian Djanea Level 7 Mount Laurel United States
29 August 2019
I wrote the "adding" code in Eclipse using the Scanner class, it worked in eclipse then I copied it to CodeGym and it failed the test saying something like "make sure it calculate all the numbers". So I went I wrote the code in IntelliJ this time using the BufferedReader then copied it to CodeGym, it passed the test. Same code, only difference Scanner and BufferedReader... Why did it failed at first? I had the same number as result after each test.
Stephanie Lopez Level 7 Columbus United States
19 August 2019
The Somehow Average took me an hour to solve lol. :'(
Ken Level 7 Phoenix United States
15 July 2019
The concepts seem to be slipping further and further away from making sense to me. I at least get the keyboard entry, while loops, for loops. There's no way i'd even know what they were asking if it weren't for help section half the time. I know we are plugging away repetitions. But how much should this actually make conceptual sense by now?
Alex Level 14 Chicago United States
13 July 2019
If anyone is getting the template error on "A name is a name", make sure you're taking the inputs for the date variables in the order they listed. Year > Month > Day