"Hello, Amigo! You're finishing the ninth level, you say? You're really zipping along, don't you think?"

"I wouldn't say so, Professor! It's like everything is all good, but something is missing. Though I don't really understand what exactly…"

"Your knowledge isn't deep enough, that's what! It's time to restore the balance between theory and practice. I'll help you with that."

Method signatures

"To start, read more about the method signature, which is like a template for defining any method in Java. The same article will teach you how to work with identically-named methods. I'm preparing you for the next quest, where you'll encounter the words OOP and encapsulation so often that you'll cry out in the middle of the night."

Exceptions: catching and handling

"Finally, the lessons have taught you how you can (and must!) handle errors in Java. Did you understand everything? I'm sure you didn't grasp everything, even if you think otherwise. In any case, here's an interesting article for you. Read it and add some structure to your knowledge."

Exceptions: checked, unchecked, and custom

"In the next article, you'll learn more about exceptions and how they are structured. And the coolest thing is, you'll learn how to throw your own exceptions. What do you think about that?"

New Java Syntax, level 9, lesson 9
Without Java, we would have a Javapocalypse
You’ve almost completed Level 8! With all these lectures and tasks, you need a break. Learning Java may be tough, but remember: the world can’t exist without Java! What if it suddenly disappeared one day? What would happen to our familiar surroundings? Make yourself comfortable and watch an exciting and fun video about the real Javapocalypse. :)