Java programming Learn Java from scratch

Hi. If you’re reading this, I can confirm that, yes, these are Java lessons. This course is actually chock full of opportunities for hands-on learning (with over 1200 exercises) and is meant for adult students. I hate boring lectures. That’s why CodeGym was created as an online game.

Have you ever played games where you get to level-up your character? Sometimes you get drawn into it before you even notice, right? Can you guess where I'm headed with this? At CodeGym, you have to level-up your character from Level 1 to Level 40 (even up to Level 80 once we release the sequel). Make it through the whole course and you’ll be a rockstar Java programmer.

Make it to Level 40, and you’ll be able to get a job as a junior Java developer. Some people have even been able to find a job at Level 20, since CodeGym contains so many exercises. No, really—it’s got a lot.

The game is set in the distant future – year 3018, at a time when humans share the Earth with robots and space travel is routine.

Once upon a time, a spaceship crashed on an unknown planet...