Do you dream of having a job with big prospects?
Do you love technology?
Become a programmer!

Three reasons to become a programmer

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Programmers are in high demand

Traditional professions are disappearing. Drivers, cashiers, and farmers will be replaced by robots, but the need for programmers will only grow! There were 19 million developers in the world in mid-2015, and companies will need at least 25 million such specialists by 2019*.

*Forecast by Evans Data Corporation (EDC).

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Lots of Possibilities

You can be a part of a huge development team. Or create your own game for Android. Or start by creating a game, and then grow it into a huge project. Or build a startup and attract investments. Or... <Insert your idea here>


Today’s Best-Paying Jobs

A programmer's salary is significantly higher than average for the labor market, and it grows as you gain experience. Regardless of the country you live in, inevitable economic slumps will affect you much less.

It's good to be a programmer,
but what programming language should you choose?

We recommend Java! And here's why:

Java is the most popular language in the world

  • Numerous studies have shown this. For example, consider the TIOBE or PYPL indices.
  • The Java virtual machine is installed on 9 out of every 10 computers in the United States
  • Job opening stats on Glassdoor, Payscale, Indeed, and Stack Overflow Insights confirm it

Java is a universal language

  • Most Android applications are written in Java. The Android OS is also largely written in Java
  • Most companies' web applications and services are created in Java. For example, Netflix, LinkedIn, Amazon, Google Ads…
  • The largest corporate server applications for finance and banking are also most often written in Java
  • Big Data and knowledge-intensive research are also no strangers to this language
Java offers the perfect balance between difficulty of learning and demand for Java experts

But what about other popular programming languages? Let's compare:

Easy to learn
Highly paid
Windows applications
Mobile apps
Websites and web applications
Big Data

Java programmer's annual salary

CitiesNo experience1 year2 years3 years4 years5 years
San Francisco$60,000$68,172$72,819$81,000$90,000$109,902

Java is an excellent choice.
We teach it on CodeGym!

CodeGym is a popular online platform for learning Java from scratch. We created it to reduce the time it takes from when you start training to when you get your first job. Don't be scared if you have absolutely no programming experience. That won't last long.

The course is 80% practice

There are tons of good books on the Internet, but you won't become a programmer by reading books. To become a programmer, you need to write a lot of code. CodeGym is an online Java programming course consisting of 80% practice. That's precisely what you need to become a Java programmer.

1200 practical tasks

How many hands-on tasks should be in the perfect Java course? 10, 20, 100? The CodeGym course has 1200 practical tasks of increasing complexity. The tasks are small, but there are lots of them (lots and lots). Just enough to give you the experience you need to get a job.

Solutions Checking within Seconds

Sometimes it takes forever to get your teacher to check your assignments and give you feedback. We’ve changed that. Don’t waste your time waiting! Our omnipotent virtual mentor will check all your solutions in the blink of an eye!

Top-Notch Teaching Methods

Studying shouldn’t be boring! That’s why we use the newest techniques that make your learning easier, more interesting, and productive: visualization, storytelling, motivation, gaming, and two dozen of other technologies that you have not even heard of. Sounds intriguing, huh?

500+ hours of Java programming experience

The Java course is divided into 40 levels. You can get to the next level only if you have completed most of the tasks in the current one. The tasks start small and easy, and progress to big and very useful. Your brain will get an excellent work-out! Anyone who reaches the end will gain 500+ hours of practical experience. That's a serious bid for victory. And for employment.

Train Your Coding Skills in CodeGym Whenever You Need

The course is totally self-paced. You don’t have to wait a few weeks or months until the group is gathered and the course begins. Just click on the button "Start learning", and dive in the fascinating world of Java!

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Now you're ready to learn.
Let's start the first lesson!
Java For Beginners
Java Tutorial
Level 0, Lesson 1
Java programming Learn Java from scratch

Hi. If you’re reading this, I can confirm that, yes, these are Java Basics. This course is actually chock full of opportunities for hands-on learning (with over 1200 exercises) and is meant for adult students. I hate boring lectures. That’s why CodeGym was created as an online game.

Have you ever played games where you get to level-up your character? Sometimes you get drawn into it before you even notice, right? Can you guess where I'm headed with this? At CodeGym, you have to level-up your character from Level 1 to Level 40 (even up to Level 80 once we release the sequel). Make it through the whole course and you’ll be a rockstar Java programmer.

Make it to Level 40, and you’ll be able to get a job as a junior Java developer. Some people have even been able to find a job at Level 20, since CodeGym contains so many exercises. No, really—it’s got a lot.

The game is set in the distant future – year 3018, at a time when humans share the Earth with robots and space travel is routine.

Once upon a time, a spaceship crashed on an unknown planet...

Back story

Java programming Learning from scratch

The Galactic Rush crew crash-landed on an unknown planet. During the crash, the spaceship slammed into a mountainside and was almost completely buried under debris. After trying for days to free the ship, the crew lost all hope of returning home and started settling into this new, unfamiliar place...

A week later, Ellie, the ship’s navigator, happened to discover that the planet was inhabited by thousands of wild robots! They could have helped clear the rocks and free the ship, but they were too primitive and stupid. They lacked the ability to do anything at all. They couldn’t even carry rocks, an ability which would have come in handy.

Professor Noodles, the mission’s chief scientist, would later recall:
"After a few days, I came up with a solution. I would take the firmware from Diego, a robot member of our crew, convert it into firmware for a bricklayer, and then load it onto the wild robots."

"But luck seemed to be against us. After looking into it, we found that the natives didn’t have any connectors for uploading the firmware. In fact, they didn’t have any connectors at all!"

Java programming

"Bilaabo, the only extraterrestrial on the crew, recalled that he had once met a robot on his home planet who knew how to program. Not only that, but this robot could even fix bugs in his own firmware."

"That’s when a brilliant idea occurred to me. After all, I had once managed to teach a capable robot to program in Pascal."

"I gave orders to trap the most talented young robot and teach him how to Java program. With his new coding skills, he would be able to rewrite his own firmware to help us out!"

Learn Java from scratch

"In the end, we found a promising candidate. Diego suggested naming him Amigo, after the brother he’d always wanted, but never had."

"I offered to give Amigo metal beads for every month of his learning Java and then $10 per year to clear the debris after his training. For the savages, this was generous. After all, we were enlightening them for free."

Learn Java

Diego later wrote in his memoirs:

"I was outraged by this blatant robbery of my fellow robot, but the whole crew sided with the professor and Rishi. So, of course, I agreed, or at least pretended to agree, and offered to help teach Amigo. Ha-ha! After all, nobody can teach a robot better than another robot."

"Everybody was so happy that I was willing to help that they decided to join me in training Amigo Java programming."

You’ll start at level 0. Your goal is to help Amigo reach Level 40. But let’s start small. Let’s first try reaching Level 2 of the Java lessons. Maybe you’ll like it so much that you’ll finish the Java course and get a job before you even notice.)

P.S. Now, let’s get to learning from scratch. Click Next lesson.

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