Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction

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Programming is fun to learn. But what about the laws of Physics. This article is about doing programming with logical mind. Well everyone is logical to some extent. Newton's third law says, "If an object A exerts a force on object B, then object B must exert a force of equal magnitude and opposite direction back on object A. This law represents a certain symmetry in nature: forces always occur in pairs, and one body cannot exert a force on another without experiencing a force itself." This reference taken from Google search results. Everyday we learn something new. When we talk about programming, we are connected to logic. Whenever you apply your logic to develop a code. You will get the desired result you want only if the logic will be correct. It will be the exact same result each time no matter how different ways you have applied to get the correct result. Your logic can be different but your results will be the same each time. The only ingredient is the correct logic. Let's come to the point. What if Newton's third law has equal but same reaction (not in the opposite direction). To some extent this might be true for programming logic because it is a virtual world not the physical one. But in fact the truth is we can not apply Newton's laws of motion on programming. But we can do one thing. Learning how to program and develop programs that demonstrates the real physical bodies in action. What you say about that ;-)