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A small tip for your educational plan

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A small tip for your educational plan - 1 I've decided to write about what I really missed when I first began my studies on Java programming, namely, what needs to be studied and in what order:
  1. From the very first levels of the course, you can begin a parallel study of database management systems (In my case, it was MySQL on Roughly the first 70 tasks will be enough) and work through the free HTML Academy course. There you'll learn about HTML and CSS.

  2. Once you feel you've more or less understood the basics of Java Core (corresponding to Level 15 on CodeGym, I think), come up with a project that you will find personally interesting and useful. You'll have something to show and talk about at interviews.

  3. I recommend climbing to Level 40 on CodeGym.

  4. After Level 20, start exploring things like version control systems (Git, and figure out what Maven is.

  5. After Level 30, start mastering Hibernate.

  6. At the finish line, before finding a job, you should take a deep drink of Spring (Read "Spring 4 for Professionals").

At the same time, read books on the topics you're studying. Use time management skills (if you aren't already) and then it will only be a matter of time before you get an offer. My training phase took a year and a half and roughly 700 hours of pure study. Here's a separate list of approximately what you need to know to confidently go for an interview at a good company:
  1. JavaSE (here you should know everything, though there is some leniency when it comes to multithreading)

  2. JDBC, MySQL (you should have a good mastery)

  3. HTML, CSS (everything is quite simple here, no deep knowledge is needed here)

  4. JUnit (nobody said testing isn't necessary)

  5. Git (publish your own project, you'll figure out how)

  6. Maven (nothing complicated here, figure it out)

  7. Hibernate (this is where the difficulties begin)

  8. Spring (I'm only delve into it myself, I regret that I didn't start earlier)

As for my own project... I wrote an ordinary console-based CRUD application using JavaSE and Hibernate, compiled using Maven. Interviewers are very interested in the code you have written yourself. A small tip for your educational plan - 2And that's basically my message here. All that remains is to wish good luck to those who have just embarked on this thorny path (yes, it will be difficult).
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Dilshodjon Gulomov Level  1, Bonn
3 January 2021
Gute Tipps. DANKE
Deepika S Level  0, Bangalore
29 October 2020
Good tips! Thank you sharing and making us motivated:)
TheBook Level  7, Frankfurt, Germany
26 July 2020
Good tipps! Thanks
Sejdic Benjamin Level  2, Dortmund, Germany
19 June 2020
Thanks Eugenes ;)
Monica Chiritescu Level  5, Birmingham, United Kingdom
24 May 2020
Thank you for sharing.
Cristian Level  1, Ploiesti, Romania
10 May 2020
Thank you!
xuyuanzhi Level  2, Fremont, China
10 May 2020
thanks for your share
badtz maru Level  0
15 February 2020
Thanks for this list, I've decided to do the old dog learning new tricks thing and after a lot of back and forth decided on Java. I have a IT background and have spent a lot of time with Mysql/Maria/Postgres and webservers but having a nice list to 'run in parallel' while going through this course will save me tracking down all this stuff myself.
Thomas Sixberry Level  16, Rochester Hills, United States
19 January 2020
So, I've fallen into being a stay-at-home DAD and I am extremely BORED! It has been about a year now and I went from living with nothing to streaming to now, this. I'm happy you have set a course with a time frame! If at all possible, putting in 40 hour work weeks into study.. this task shouldn't take so long but the headaches will arise as I've already been tooling around with SoloLearn. Again, I am thankful for this short and simple post of yours!