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Tech Starter Pack for Junior: What is a Spring Boot — a “Magic” Java Framework

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Imagine that you have completed your CodeGym training and started looking for your first job. You come across job descriptions that mention frameworks and tools you haven't tried before. We have launched a series of articles to help you understand which Java tools are used in which projects and at what stage in your developer's career you should learn them. The second article will discuss the popular framework — Spring Boot. Tech Starter Pack for Junior: What is a Spring Boot — a “Magic” Java Framework - 1

Spring Boot: what is it?

In the previous article, we talked about the Spring Framework. Spring Boot is a set of pre-configured modules that run on the Spring Framework. These modules simplify the configuration of an application written in Spring. Many developers refer to Spring Boot as a magic wand because it “magically” simplifies the developer’s work. Not magical at all, of course. This is made possible by the principle of dependency management: by choosing one version of Spring Boot, we implicitly select dozens of dependencies that, without the framework, would have to be reconciled manually. If we use the same analogy as before, pie is a web application, and the Spring Framework is a ready-made food set, Spring Boot is the same “multi-cooker” that will help you cook quickly. Spring Boot has its own documentation and many ready-made solutions you can copy and use in your projects.

How much is Spring Boot in demand?

According to research from JetBrains, a Java tool company, Spring Boot became the most popular Java web framework in 2021, up 4% from last year. 56% of respondents chose it as their primary development framework. According to ITJobsWatch statistics, developers who own Spring Boot earn about 66 thousand pounds per year.

On which projects will you need it?

Almost everyone. In the past, developers needed to be proficient in Java EE technology, but now Java developers almost everywhere are expected to know the Spring framework, including Spring Boot.

When and how to learn it?

Before interviews, a junior should gain basic knowledge of the Spring Boot framework. But even before that, there are some fundamentals you need to master:
  • Maven is a tool for automating project builds.
  • Servlets are a Java interface whose implementation extends the functionality of the server.
  • Protocols for transmitting information over the network.
  • Databases (basic knowledge).
  • JSON/XML serialization protocols.
Here's what the developers are saying about Spring Boot on Quora: “One of the biggest nightmares for Spring developers is maintaining the huge number of configurations required for applications. Spring Boot fills this gap by eliminating any effort required to configure applications." “Spring is a powerful framework that helps you understand not only Spring but other frameworks. Spring Boot is simply a tool that makes it easy to configure and use Spring. It continues to be widely used in enterprise applications and will therefore be around longer than we anticipate.”