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The Best Coding Competitions for Java Developers in 2024

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The world of coding competitions continues to advance, with new challenges, formats, and platforms captivating Java enthusiasts worldwide. Coding contests can enhance problem-solving skills, encourage learning new technologies, and attract potential employers' attention. In this article, we uncover the most engaging coding competitions and events in 2024 where Java developers can showcase their skills, compete with peers, and gain valuable prizes. Let's discover what awaits us. The Best Coding Competitions for Java Developers in 2024 - 1

How do I participate?

Different websites and organizations regularly organize coding contests for developers with different skill levels. Some coding competitions might require a fee when you sign up. Typically, once you've registered with your email address, they'll send you all the details you need by email. Before you start, ensure your computer meets the requirements for the coding competition. Also, it’s important to familiarize yourself with a set of rules — competitions usually include guidelines for fair play, such as not copying others' solutions.

2024 New Year ICPC Online Coding Contest

The ICPC (International Collegiate Programming Contest) is an excellent event for those who want to hone their problem-solving skills. You can expect intricate and thought-provoking problems that will test your coding skills and your ability to think algorithmically. The contest is held online, making it accessible and convenient for participants from any corner of the world.

Who can take part?

This coding contest requires participants to have a good understanding of algorithms, data structures, and efficient coding practices. For more detailed information about the event, visit the ICPC website.

WWCode Days of Code Challenge 2024

Days of Code Challenge 2024 by Women Who Code starts on January 8, 2024 (registration is already open). As the organisation's name suggests, it’s a contest for women who’d like to practice their coding skills daily in an interactive and supportive environment. You’ll be able to take part in:
  • Opening ceremony
  • Group and 1:1 networking
  • Weekly check-Ins
  • Different coding events and mini-challenges

Who can take part?

Developers of all coding levels are invited. For more information, refer to the website.

Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code, also known as GSoC, is the yearly summer event that aims to bring new contributors into open-source software development. Since 2005, 746 open-source organizations have already mentored 18,000+ new GSoC contributors. The Google Summer of Code helps candidates by:
  • Offering remote team working opportunities
  • Providing real-world project experience
  • Opportunity to practice Git
  • Networking, etc.

Who can take part?

You can apply if you are 18+ years old and a student or beginner in open-source software development. Registration is already open, and you can apply until April 2nd at 18:00 UTC.

CodeCup 2024

The Code Cup 2024 is an exclusive competition with its special take on the Sudoku game. The competition starts with an empty grid, and participants should place digits, aiming to create a unique Sudoku grid. Candidates can use C, C++, Java, Python, Javascript, Paskal, GO, Rust, and other programming languages. The Code Cup has forums where contestants can discuss, give feedback, and hone their programming tactics.

Who can take part?

The contest has no age limits or other restrictions. The CodeCup also doesn’t charge entry fees. To engage, visit the Code Cup 2024 website.

Microsoft Imagine Cup

Microsoft organizes the Imagine Cup competition annually. NGOs, IGOs, non-profit organizations, and students of educational institutions can participate in creating new solutions and receive benefits such as internships, training, and cash prizes (the winner can receive up to $ 100,000).

Who can take part?

People aged 18+ can apply for the competition. A team can consist of a maximum of four people. For more info, visit the Microsoft website.

CodeChef Coding Competitions

Whether you’re a student taking your first steps in coding or an expert willing to sharpen your skills, CodeChef fits the bill. The platform offers weekly two-hour coding competitions called “Starters” on Wednesdays. Participants start with a 0* rating that can be improved up to 7* as they participate in more contests. To enhance your skills and progress in the Contests, you can leverage CodeChef’s resources like “Learn”, “Practice”, etc.

Who can take part?

There’s no barrier to entry. Just anyone can take part. For a deeper dive into the contest, visit CodeChef Contests.

Regular Online Coding Challenges

Those who’d like to participate in online coding competitions across the web can also be interested in online coding challenges and platforms. Check out some of them below: CodeGym’s Java Coding Practice. We offer a free set of tasks that can help you grasp the syntax of Java language and core programming topics to prepare for real competitions. In addition, you’ll find useful resources that cover Java's theory. This simulator offers Java programming exercises with solution verification. Open the task, read the conditions, type your solution, and click “Verify”. You’ll get the result in the blink of an eye. Java offers different coding challenges, such as writing your code, correcting the existing one, and retyping, so your Java practice will be enjoyable and versatile. CodeGym Gaming Section. The platform provides coders with a great opportunity to sharpen their skills by creating their own versions of popular classic games. Mine Picker, Hungry Snake, Moon Lander, and other games can become your first pet projects while studying Java. Develop the games and play with your friends! HackerRank. The main idea behind HackerRank is to connect developers and companies to build the strongest tech teams around. But when it comes to coding challenges and contests, HackerRank is a real powerhouse too. GeeksforGeeks. The website has lots of coding challenges for everyone. Teamed up with other sites like, it offers contests with prizes, challenges showing what companies are currently looking for, and free access to some coding challenges that usually require some fees. LeetCode. Being one of the best platforms for technical interview preparation, LeetCode also offers a great collection of coding challenges. You can join an extensive community of developers and polish your problem-solving skills to prepare for real-world coding interviews. HackerEarth is another comprehensive platform that is helpful for interview preparation. It offers plenty of coding challenges and hackathons to test your coding abilities and unlock new proficiency levels. Codeforces is an excellent platform for practising competitive programming. It offers contests for all skill levels. Working in tandem with developer networks, it offers coding contests with prizes and free access to some premium challenges. Many coders report that Codeforces helped them improve their skills and find jobs. Coderbyte. This website has a huge collection of challenges that just anyone can try to solve. It also offers an extensive library, interview kits, career resources, and other useful materials for novice developers.

Final thoughts

Whether you’re a professional developer or just starting out, these contests can help you enhance your coding skills and push the boundaries of what you can achieve. In addition, most of the aforementioned resources can help you connect with a global community and, perhaps, your future employers. If you want to level up your coding game and excel in your programming journey, we recommend trying some of the challenges in this guide. Get your coding gears in motion!